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S7E18: "Daring Done?" · 10:44pm Sep 9th, 2017

No, not Aragon's nearly identically titled story. This is the latest episode, which I resisted the urge to watch early. It's reasonably fun, too, if no classic. I liked the legend and the accompanying animation style, but Rainbow is stupid at a crucial time and the victory method seems unforeshadowed. Also, how did they not recognise Caballeron? Still, fairly entertaining, and Pinkie was good. ★★★

Report Loganberry · 193 views · #show #Season 7 #reviews
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Comments ( 4 )

Also, how did they not recognise [REDACTED]?

Because they were wearing a hood! Which is at least a better disguise than we've seen Daring Do get away with...

Heh, true. Though he made zero effort to disguise his voice either.

All-in-all, it’s an episode I’ll watch again soon.

I might actually do the same, even though I didn't adore the episode, simply to see the legend bits again. Those I did like a great deal.

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