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Junk Mail Trolling · 3:08pm Sep 8th, 2017

One of those desperate girls who want you to see them strip or something on webcam sent me a spam e-mail and was like, "Hey Baby. Want to bang? Here's the link to my private messenger if you want to hit me up."

And I so I did what every sensible person would do and clicked the link to the messenger.

When I was in the messenger thing I said, "Listen, Candy (that was her name). Banging hurts a lot. I just stubbed my toe last week. You can understand why I am not interested."

Then Candy replied, "I can make it feel good for you."

And I said, "There's no way you can smash any person's limbs and make it feel good. Or crush their organs. Or...well, you get the idea. I don't think I want any of this banging stuff you are talking about. My health might be at risk."

At this point, I am pretty sure that Candy was a bot of some kind because she replied, "Oh, you like fetish role play or BDSM. lol I could do that too."

So I was like, "Listen miss bot thang, I don't want your banging in any form. Good day to you." <_<

And that was my experience talking to some weird sex bot thing that e-mailed me. :L

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Comments ( 32 )


never had that before


I am glad that it could make you smile. XD

4662052 You are lucky. I'm always getting these weird sex-related junk mails from desperate cam girls. And I'm a straight girl. So...yeah. <_<


My latest "trick" is to pretend I have a boyfriend with me watching. It didn't work...next I'm going to try being a girl if I get one of these types of messages

4662060 Why didn't pretending you had a boyfriend work? :L

but I do get friend request from strange people

4662064 What kind of strange people? :0

They were ignoring them, I suppose. Although, I was lying through my teeth saying it.

4662073 I mean how are they strange?

They're most likely idiots, only caring about doing it, regardless of who with

4662088 Yeah, most likely. :L

well there Facebook profile pic is strange

Wow. I must say, that's helpful to deal with that kind of trolls.

4662388 I am glad that it can help out in some way. XD

I really hate those things. It's insulting on so many levels, I can't even. I've lost my ability to even.

4662820 You mean the cam girl e-mail things? Yeah, they are really annoying. :L I wish there was a way to block them all. But it seems that every time I block a bunch, a bunch of other ones just pop up.

4664399 I am happy that you approve. :rainbowkiss:

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