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Alone. Again. · 7:47pm Sep 7th, 2017

So first and foremost I want to tell everyone that I want absolutely NO HATE in regards to my religion. So I expect you out to be polite even if you don't agree with what I'm about to say.

So I made friends with this boy at my church. And I've been trying to encourage him to stay, even though he's got a lot of family issues and stuff. At first, my dad didn't want us talking at all! He literally called me out for it in front of another woman. And we argued about it for like the next day after. But eventually my dad chilled out when he saw the boy wasn't so bad and didn't have ill intentions. So we've been talking a lot back and forth for the past week. And we opened up a lot to each other. I made it very clear from the start I wasn't interested in him and was only seeking friendship. And he agreed. We even talked about the crushes we had on other people.

But today, my dad cane home from work and told me that apparently he admitted to the boy that his studying with him, that he liked me. So of course the boy told his dad, who's best friends with my dad, whom told him. My dad actually said he appreciated the fact I was trying to encourage the kid. But us talking since he liked me basically qualifies as dating in our religion. And since we're both not old enough to date, we can't anymore. So I was told to stop texting him and distance myself. So I told the kid, and he seemed to take it well. He claims he doesn't like me but I think he does. He just doesn't want to admit it.

I understand why I can't talk to him anymore, and I won't. And he won't to me. But it just hurts cause here I was thinking we were gonna be friends. That I could finally have somebody to talk to and rely on. And who'd do the same for me. But as soon as I get my hope up even a little bit, it gets crushed. So that friendship was incredibly short lived. And what little chance I had at being his friend is now over. So once again, I'm all alone. With nobody except God to really talk to. Nobody to share my feelings with. It's just...over. All together. I'm all by myself again. And it freaking sucks! And now is the first time since I was told like a couple hours ago, that I can actually cry. Just shows how upset I am. And how hurt I am. But oh well. Too late to do anything about it now. I may as well start enjoying the loneliness I feel. Cause now it's all I'm gonna feel for a long time.

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Comments ( 2 )

Wow, your parents are strict!
What exactly is your religion?
I'm Dutch reformed btw

I'm a Jehovah's Witness. And I just love with my dad so that makes it worse. Seeing as he goes into "overprotective father mode" every time a boy comes around me.

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