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    After Biden's poor showing in Iowa, Buttigieg will leech enough minority support off of Biden to become an established contender in the national contest. Biden will continue to fall as his long list of baggage catches up to him, Klobuchar won't make any more headway, and Bloomberg, despite his impressive showing in surveys, will ultimately do little in the actual polls; making the nomination a

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    Time For Another Round Of:

    "Me Ranting to an Empty Room About Things Totally Unrelated to Pony Fanfiction"
    What follows is a very incomplete dictionary of terminology used in social-political Internet discussion.

    Racism: Tribalism based on skin color or other easily identifiable heritable trait.

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    On the Edge

    Watch as this spirals into WWIII. If you don't know what "this" is, feel free to hold on to that blissful ignorance a little while longer. If you do know what "this" is, I recommend watching some videos on the vastness of space and deep time; getting lost in the irrelevance of our existence can be quite calming in these circumstances.

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Did You Know… · 6:02am Sep 7th, 2017

…That the Mods on Equestria Daily can stealth-edit your comments? I idly looked back at a page I'd commented on a few hours ago, only to find that two of my comments had been deleted, with their contents pasted into the first comment I had posted. Glancing down the page, I found a second user that this had also been done to. In both cases, the comments were legitimate separate thoughts, written and posted as much as half an hour apart. To be clear, nowhere on that particular page, nor anywhere else, does Equestria Daily express any limit on the number or frequency of comments posted, as long as they are not ‘spam’; so I was not in violation of any rules.

But that is beside the point: Even if I had violated some rule or another, the proper procedure, as they themselves have set up on their rule page, is to delete the offending comment and warn the offender. This isn't remotely what happened. Not only did they edit my comments without cause and without permission, they failed to contact me about it in any manner. If I had not happened to look back at that thread, I would have never known.

In short, the Mods on Equestria Daily are willing and able to edit your comments without your permission. Not remove; edit. Without any mark that they have done so, so that other commenters will have no idea that it isn't exactly what you had written. I feel thoroughly violated in a way I haven't felt in a long time, and I'm seriously considering not commenting on Equestria Daily anymore because of this.

Edit: So it appears that nobody else is concerned about this except me. Oh, well. You can bet I'm going to gloat if anything more serious comes out regarding the EQD moderators, though.

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