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"You're not a burden, my love" Simon comforted his partner, Prince Lucian. "You're all 7,634,420,069,142,002,387,487,862,912 stars in my sky, Luce. And I love how brightly you shine"

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More Love-Related Drama · 4:35am Sep 6th, 2017

Guess who's lucky in love? It's yours truly, or should I say... Rachel's truly. That's right, Rachel and I are officially back together... again. And it's like we were never apart... just like every other time we got back together. Hopefully that last breakup was the last breakup.

You wanna know what's ironic? Someone I was in love with during one of the "Rachel and me" fallouts, someone I hurt a lot, someone we all know as Kat, or Shy Flutters... well, she told me she didn't trust me as a boyfriend... but she trusted me as a friend. I don't know about you, but I think that means she and I don't belong together. I broke every promise that I made to Kat, and I can honestly consider that "just friends" is the best relationship I can have with her.

But Rachel is a lot kinder and more forgiving... albeit a little less loyal, but I forgive her for that. Anyway, I know now with absolute certainty exactly who I'm in love with, so if you'll excuse me, I've gotta update my "Lifelong Dreams" section of my userpage... (As I was typing this, it said that I don't know who I'm in love with, so my #1 dream will be the hardest one to achieve) I'll do that right after posting this blog. Aside from that, there's also supposed to be a lot of love-related drama in my stories and my real life experiences have given me a ton of inspiration, so... yay me!

Any amount of bad luck would not affect me right now, because I have too much good luck to counteract it. Seriously, try to make me feel unlucky. I guarantee that you'll fail.

Because I promised earlier that blogs #993-#999 would be the second "blog story" and this one is #992, I'm gonna end it with a little thing about Simon and Eveline's relationship. And here it is...

Simon and Eveline were not always as madly in love as they are today. Yes, they did have a mutual love ever since they first met, but it wasn't romantic at first. He was a playwright and she was a princess who... didn't exactly appreciate the theatre. She was forced to watch his plays because her mother loved the theatre and everything about it. Then one day, in the audience of the play Illusions, Simon, playing the role of Jaydove, showed off his beautiful voice to the crowd. That wasn't what did it, but it did make her want to be his friend. When she found out that he was also a starship captain, she signed on to his crew to have adventures with him... no matter the cost. (Financially it was free, but the adventures took a toll on the crew psychologically) Eveline grew closer to Simon in their one year of friendship, and during that time, because of how close they were together, they fell in love. On the anniversary of their friendship, they confessed their love to each other, thus beginning their actual relationship, and the rest is history... oh wait, no it's not. It's the FUTURE!!!

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Just be careful. A relationship could go in different directions.

Late as heck, but happy for you my friend :)

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