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Smol Pone · 6:46pm Sep 5th, 2017

Oh man, you guys.

So I got a small box from Switzerland today:

And there was a very smol pone inside it:

And she is the best:

Just the best.

But so if you are in the market for a plushie -- I have never scratched that particular itch until now -- I can wholly recommend fireflytwinkletoes, whose work is amazing.

Comments ( 9 )


Stunning. I love the crest of her mane.


Site Blogger

So, you might say that you really like her... mane? :unsuresweetie:

I've got a couple of 4DE ponies. I kinda wish I could count on those still existing when I have money again :P

Very cute. Nice attention to detail, too.

Author Interviewer

And there was a very smol pone inside it:

Would you say she is now your

little Dashie

I mean, she came in a cardboard box and everything

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