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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.

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How About These? · 9:06pm Sep 2nd, 2017

So here I am again back with another art piece for the day. So as you may have seen I've kind of been going through all of the main six this week with Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and last time Twilight. So we've only got two more left and today's pony is a mare that's pretty hot and she hardly even releases it:raritywink:.

Guessed who it is yet? Find out below the break!

Stupid sexy AJ!:rainbowderp: so yeah, here with are with the always honest and beautiful Applejack. I've always loved her as a character in the show, she'd just so grounded and down to earth, kind of like the sensible rock that all of the other characters bounce off of when they are being more silly. Still, that's not to say AJ doesn't have her moments, especially the ones where she's kind of hot:twilightblush:. It seems that Applejack can pull of things like that without even trying. Must be all that hard work:ajsmug:.

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Comments ( 19 )

Yeah, AJ's sorta got that natural beauty doesn't she?

4656242>>4656749 Yeah she doses. She's too good at not knowing when she's being pretty.:ajsmug:

That's why I love her so much!! :)

Unfortunately the fandom also gave her a redneck persona complete with stereotype. I may not be a diehard AJ fan, but it's one of my biggest pet peeves. Despite only watching 3 episodes from the very early seasons of the show, my mom seems to have it out for AJ for this very reason. She isn't even malicious while doing it, she just falls under not liking AJ cause of the entire down to earth vibe. I am working on telling her AJ isn't a redneck (except in the dark parts of the fandom and I am not telling my mother about those thank you:rainbowlaugh:) but she is stubborn and just flat out insists on this way of thinking.

I tells her I do (I am getting into this :rainbowlaugh:) that she only saw a few episodes of the early season and AJ has grown and changed since seasons 1 and 2. It's annoying. I would watch more episodes with her, but she is way too busy for her own good. Nursing takes a lot out of you. Plus I haven't watched a lot of the show since stopping after Season 6 episode 4. I know what goes on thanks to reviews on this site and TV Tropes when I can be bothered to research it.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Blame video games and my excessively bad Fluttershy like tendencies. Which won't make all that much sense!

AJ is pretty sexy in that farmer next store vibe. The daughter of one, you find her smoking hot, but you find her dad scary and it's No Bueno for you. (Father not required for No bueno... maybe you feel that she is too good for you!)

4656422 Yep, you're in the vast majority there, she's honestly, one of the best.:raritywink:

4656444 Hahaha:rainbowlaugh:, that's a pretty funny story right there. Still, I like AJ no matter how the fandom portrays here, she's very nice, Plus, yeah, kind of like the farmer's daughter, pretty good example only she'd probably the one you should be scared of in this case:pinkiecrazy:.

AJ is also excessively the villain it seems in lesbian stories. Any time Twilight, Dash or Fluttershy realize they're gay, she is almost always the first of the Mane 6 to be a pill. This trait is lessened slightly if she is the love interest (she might briefly freak out and maybe play the "it's nah right" card but she is very rarely villainous about it or bigoted if she herself is the lesbian here)

Rarity is only bigoted in badly characterized stories but even she gets it. I have seen Pinkie the villain in this scenario. Son, you know you fucked up in a story, when the personification of bat shit insanity is a bigot and advocates against the star couple. Pinkie is many things, many of which I don't want to list right now out of laziness, but bigoted and homophobic is not one of them.

The worst story I read... Eh, skimmed, was one where Fluttershy comes out and everyone badmouths and harasses her. The worst possible thing ever than occurred and no one seems all that upset except Rainbow Dash in a twisted sorta way.

It's rare to find an old TwiDash, or old FlutterDash, where AJ isn't the bigot. I read one where she was a little awkward about it, but doesn't do much. The only time AJ isn't homophobic it seems is when she is the love interest. Or at least the stories I read :rainbowlaugh:

4656486 You know, you have a point there now that you mention it. I've noticed a lot of stories in which AJ is shown off like that. It's kind of odd and I can see what you mean about Rarity too, Pinkie though? Wow, are some people seriously writing theses character that out of character after knwong them for so long?

Still, I have all my same sex ships stories involving AJ to a minimum anyway, she's even shipped with Twilight in one of them, hahaha. Still, she's not a bigot in those, it's not really in her character to be like that. Is she traditional? yeah. Is she hateful of change? No.

The story with shameful Pinkie was actually pretty good. But I am just saying. Every single one of the Mane 6 have their moments. AJ is horrible at it, and Rarity is usually the calm exception. The stories I read had her gleefully ship her friends hard when she found out. But there is that Rarity that seems to like Stallions and ONLY stallions goddammit.

I can't remember that Pinkie story. I think she was brainwashed by the real bad guy to be like that so she gets a nod and an "ah, that makes sense"

Fluttershy's bigoted stories are due to peer pressure, but even SHE, the lovable butter yellow pegasus who is responsible for some of the more epic moments of the show, is a bigot and homophobic in one story I read.

Twilight is kinda the exception. She tries to be nice about it and in that horrible Fluttershy story was so OOC it made my nose bleed. She usually gives the pony the "Maybe if we friendship blast her or tell her loving mares is bad, we can pray the gay away" excuse or something like that.

I am pretty open minded. TwiDash will get a read from me unless it's a tragedy of some kind, and I will just ignore the AJ being silly moments. It's just hard because 99% of AJ romances with somepony else (Translation: Stories with a lesbian tone have AJ the homophobe) are with her being silly. If the story isn't awful, she usually gets better. I tend to avoid the darker side of lesbian stories. I just like it when they cuddle, not when they are broken emotionally.

4656519 Hahaha, TwiDash is the best shop anyway, everyone can just stick with that.:rainbowlaugh:

I will read flat out any Dash ship as long as it isn't straight. I don't like a lot of the stallions on the show. I am not going to advocate against a straight Dash as that's pretty harsh, I just personally don't like the stallions. If she is with a Male OC however boring it is, (though it depends.. I read a few that were fantastic and easily my favorite on the site) it's a little better.

My FAVORITE though is TwiDash. Most of my stories and my ideas have them either as a strong borderline romantic relationship (Like Lyra and Bon Bon on the show actually... though NOW, I don't have a story quite like that)

I have a few ideas in my head that I want to write but the horrible disease known as Video Game Procrastination illness (since another disease would be redundant :rainbowlaugh:) prevents me from doing so.

I have a super villain/hero styled Death Note (only loosely and only the notebook shows up) story where Twilight recruits and convinces Dash (a promising and gifted guard) that her side is the best.

I have another one where Twilight was born a princess and Dash is her royal guard :rainbowkiss: and best friend. Sadly that isn't the main focus.

Most of my stories have Twilight on really good terms with Bat Pony Thestrals. She is either accepted by them or commands them. I don't know why that is. I love the idea of Twilight being on good terms with them!

4656539 Procrastination illness strikes again!:derpytongue2:

It has killed more motivation and willingness to do things than a lot of things :pinkiecrazy:

4656551That is the sad truth of such a condition:ajsleepy:.

Donate 50 Cents a day and you too could help a child stop procrastination and get shit done! Every day this horrible illness turns hard working every day joes into sloppy piles of junk. With 50 Cents a day, you too could help give children motivation to do what matters! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

You gave me the opening I needed to make the joke, so thanks for that!:rainbowdetermined2:

4656595 Don't mention it. It was set up perfectly!

:rainbowderp: Hawt damn!

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