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  • 16 weeks
    S7E25-26 - Shadow Play


    When Sunburst discovers the lost journal of Starswirl the Bearded, Twilight becomes obsessed with saving her magical idol from a thousand year old prison.

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    237 comments · 7,638 views
  • 17 weeks
    S7E24 - Uncommon Bond


    When Starlight gets a visit from Sunburst, she discovers that he has tons in common with her friends and starts to wonder if he still has anything in common with her.

    Reminder: Links to download episodes are not allowed!

    179 comments · 8,480 views
  • 18 weeks
    S7E23 - Secrets and Pies


    When Pinkie Pie thinks she sees Rainbow Dash throw away one of her pies, she suspects the worst. Pinkie Pie attempts to catch Rainbow Dash in her web of lies…using pies.

    Reminder: Links to download episodes are not allowed!

    97 comments · 9,615 views
  • 19 weeks
    S7E22 - Once Upon a Zeppelin


    Twilight is torn when she discovers the cruise she and her family are on is actually a themed vacation experience in which ponies have paid for the privilege of spending time with her. Will she be able to please both her family and the cruise attendees?

    Reminder: Links to download episodes are not allowed!

    209 comments · 8,010 views
  • 20 weeks
    S7E21 - Marks and Recreation


    The Cutie Mark Crusaders start a Cutie Mark Day Camp only to find out that one of their campers doesn't want a cutie mark.

    130 comments · 8,448 views
  • 21 weeks
    S7E20 - A Health of Information


    While helping Fluttershy gather supplies in a swamp, Zecora contracts a rare and terrible disease called Swamp Fever that threatens to eventually turn her into a tree, for which no cure is known.

    100 comments · 10,009 views
  • 21 weeks
    S7E19 - It Isn't the Mane Thing About You


    (Having a hard time finding one for this episode)

    Apologies for the mega late post, I've been in Spain the past week.

    73 comments · 7,819 views
  • 23 weeks
    S7E18 - Daring Done


    Rainbow Dash is distressed when she and Pinkie Pie discover that A.K. Yearling has announced her retirement from writing the Daring Do book series, thus ending her adventures as the titular hero.

    100 comments · 10,147 views
  • 25 weeks
    S7E16 - Campfire Tales


    When their big sister/little sister camping trip is ruined by Fly-ders, Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash tell Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo the stories of their favorite legends. Inspired by the tales, the girls make the most out of their new situation.

    182 comments · 9,132 views
  • 26 weeks
    S7E15 - Triple Threat


    Spike accidentally invites Ember and Thorax to Ponyville on the same day! Confident that the two new leaders will not get along, he does all he can to keep them apart and cover the fact that the other is there.

    284 comments · 10,291 views

Episode Discussion » S7E17 - To Change a Changeling · 1:56pm Sep 2nd, 2017


Starlight Glimmer and Trixie visit Thorax at the changeling hive and meet his brother, the only changeling still unwilling to share love and transform.

mfw looking through the trixie and glim tags on DB ordered by score

Comments ( 162 )

I wouldn't mind waking up to those sultry looking eyes in the morning :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, so it went from "a group of rogue Changelings" to "just Thorax's brother"?

Nice lack of consistency there, writers.

what the fuck is going on with the show

now there are episodes about trixie, a special snowflake changeling OC, and starlight "literally who" glimmer???

what timeline is this and how do I get back

Yay, more bug pone.

Foxhelm #6 · Sep 2nd, 2017 · · 1 ·

Given that this after Thorax's talk with Ember, it's in tge realm of possibiliy that Thorax was able to use what he learned and convince the majority.

Foxhelm #7 · Sep 2nd, 2017 · · 6 ·

You can only use the Mane6, the CMC and Spike seven seasons in without coming off as repeating your self. This is the proper timeline. You can't get off it, but there's the door to leave the fandom, don't let it hit you on your way out.


step off, dawg, you don't know me like that

Foxhelm #9 · Sep 2nd, 2017 · · 5 ·

And frankly my dear, I don't give a :yay:

Comment posted by Foxhelm deleted Sep 2nd, 2017


you've got some hot opinions for a guy who found the show in 2015

YAY :yay:, more StarTrix.

Never watched the show so idk what's going on c:

Pretty sure it was Ember's advice about being assertive that cut the number down.

I've been seeing it since the episode analysis went up let alone in the past week and I still don't think I'm fully ready to handle the flimsy reasons people are going to be giving for "why can't he just stay like old form" rather than them just saying they don't like the new look and moving on.

I still hate what they did to the changelings. If anything I think they should allow the changelings to remain themselves.
It unfortunately does show the decline in the show that they are so much on repeat.

wtf happened to the show? now we got a changeling who will probably be portrayed as evil just because he refuses to TRANSFORM and all this other armony bs at this point it sounds more like a forced idelogy

"Unscarable" Trixie forgot about the incident with the Ursa Minor.

I have a feeling that Pharynx is an allegory for the Season 1-2 hardliners.

Why is Trixie giving me the bedroom eyes while Starlight plays with a ball and Maud lays seductively like one of my French girls in the background?


Hey, didn't they do this lesson back in Season 1? Cutting ties with a toxic person? I forget if it was Trixie or Gilda -- maybe both.

This Trixie is Pharynx, I'm sure.

Because you like it. :moustache:

Can't deny that. :raritywink:

In fact, they explicitly stated that in the episode itself. Nice consistency after all, writers.

Fun episode, and the big battle transformation Pharynx did a couple times was pretty cool.

Overall liked this episode. Favorite part? BABY CHANGELINGS! (well, young ones is probably better term...) SO TINY AND CUUUUUUTE!!!! (Much more like how I imagined them in my head canon for when they are newborns/few months old.)
Did anyone else see the 'drone' changelings that looked just like Thorax except without the antlers?
Also, since Pharynx changed to look like Thorax -in that he gained the horns and is bigger than the others- does that mean he is the prince of the changelings now, or just 'royal' because he is Thorax's brother? Or probably just bigger so he can protect them better... *shrugs*

And thus the last cheeselegs holdout falls. Stay strong, Chrysalis! Keep fighting the good fight for hole couture! :raritycry:

Anyway, Royal Sisters and Morpheus Bros double date when?

BenRG #31 · Sep 2nd, 2017 · · 2 ·

Let's start by talking about just how weird this episode was in a meta level. In very many ways, this was an episode about how pony methods might not work with other species. It had Starlight being incompetent simply because she couldn't get into other ponies heads. It had Trixie being... well, basically being obnoxious and effectively spitting all over her friendship with Starlight all the time. It had in many ways the Changelings solving their own problem, which actually had Phalanx at least partly in the right and and the putative heroes at least partly in the wrong.

It is this inversion of most of the usual tropes that makes this episode stand out to me. Starlight is shown, somewhat unusually, as being at sea and out of her depth. We can actually see a rare example of objectively negative emotions being held up as sometimes being necessary. Being peaceful does not mean being pushovers and it does not mean that you suddenly are not responsible for dealing with their own problems.

The over all quality of this episode was good (although this is the single most annoying portrayal we've ever had of Trixie; I suspect the writers were over-exaggerating her bad traits in order to emphasise the friendship problem at hand). However, I found the climax satisfying and I am glad that Starlight and Trixie didn't get free passes for their mistakes. I hope that they both have to spend some time making up to Thorax for this one.

BenRG's Rating: 7.5/10

Oh, and bonus half-point for Starlight's channelling of William Wallace.

Starlight: "Trixie has come to terms with being second best."

Trixie: TFU say? :trixieshiftleft::twilightangry2:

I like how this episode play out. Despite the fact that changelings are now more peaceful race they realise they still need to have some form of military and protection. And it's nice to know that Thorax wasn't all alone growing up, but there was someone who always look up for him. Their relationshipo was nicly done, and it's great to know that even if some worriers were force to military, some were willing to serve the hive simply because they loved they home. And you don't have to change who you are, but only change the way you act to get the same point accross. Thorax was assertive, Trixie was hilarious, and Pharynx was great. His designe, after he transform is interesting, what will fans that hate colorful changelings say about him? Also that last line of dialouge
"back when Thorax was a little whimp..." what a way to end an episode :raritywink:

kztxl7 #34 · Sep 2nd, 2017 · · 1 ·

This episode basically feels like SJW (the feelings forum, etc) meets extreme traditionalists.

The only difference is that this is a fantasy so they were actually able to meet in the middle somewhere and realize they both love where they live.

My thoughts exactly. Probably part royal, part protector. The second I saw the beginning of the transformation I was like, "He's gonna look different too, ain't he?" And the fact that he's darker gives him a good way to show his clear individuality, even with him being the only other one with horns. I think that's a good compromise for him.

Raugos #36 · Sep 2nd, 2017 · · 3 ·

Pharynx is new best changeling. He's that asshole big brother who's still got your back when you really need it. :rainbowdetermined2:

Seriously, I had some major reservations about how they were going to resolve this episode, so it's nice to see that even martial-minded characters have a place in the new hive. If even ponies have their royal guards, so can the ascended changelings. I'm gonna miss the fangs, but I'm glad that they let him keep a somewhat more intimidating colour scheme, as befitting a warrior class. I'll take whatever I can get at this point.

As usual, Trixie and Starlight just play amazingly well against one another. Toss Pharynx into the mix and it's the perfect trio of misfits.

"Trixie got used to being second best, and I stopped being an evil dictator."

"I guess things didn't start all that great between us—"
"I caught you in a bag. I thought it went well!"

Great stuff. :rainbowlaugh:

Here's to hoping that he'll make more appearances in the future. And if not, it's time to launch those fanfics!

I hope that he get the title "Lord Protector" or something similarly badass. Or you could just make him 'General Pharynx' and later see him, Spitfire and Shining Armour arguing over some fine point of tactics around a map table.

Huh. Turns out the #Notallchangelings hashtag I made has more than one application. Who knew? :duck:

Despite some issues I had with the pacing, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Oddly enough, there was never a moment where I found Pharynx unlikable, despite his aggressive attitude. If anything, the transition from militaristic parasites to peaceful insects feels a lot more natural here. There's nuance in how being a peaceful nation doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to defend yourself. Way to educate future leaders, DHX. :raritywink:

I do find it kind of intriguing that Starlight is shown at her best and her worst in this episode. She gave up on Pharynx way too easily for my taste, and her plan, while not the worst she's come up with, still managed to make things worse rather than better. However, that rousing speech she gave to the hive was epic and stirring. I just wish they didn't try to fake us out with the "that was amazing! Too bad no one cared." cutaway gag. :applejackunsure:

Same here, the moment he entered 'the cocoon' I was thinking the same 'wait, the other drones didn't do that? Something is going to be different.' I actually am 'fine' with his new color scheme. It stuck closer to his original than the others (obviously) and like you said shows him as a clear individual that he is. It is a good compromise indeed. Might need to draw some dawww pics of the two brothers together now, lol.


Might need to draw some dawww pics of the two brothers together now, lol.

Please do. Particularly one of Pharynx doing the "Stop hitting yourself!" thing to Thorax, despite still being smaller than him. :rainbowlaugh:


I just wish they didn't try to fake us out with the "that was amazing! Too bad no one cared." cutaway gag.

I dunno, man. I thought that was great. :rainbowlaugh: It served a comedic purpose, and sometimes people need some time to stew in their feelings before they get their priorities straight.

:rainbowlaugh: I shall have to try that out. *giggles*
*cough* I mean I will always be a 'Queen Chrysalis's #1 fan' kind of ling, but the 'changedlings' are growing on me.

I feel the need to point out that this is the first episode in the entire show to not feature a single one of the main cast: mane 6, cmc, and Spike.

Really? Wow that is pretty insane! Not sure how I feel about that...

4655825 I kinda like how protective Thorax and Pharynx are of one another and the hive, even when they disagree. Really similar to Tia and Luna.

Also, who wants to hear about the time he made Thorax hit himself? :P

I quite enjoyed this episode. Plus I love the colors they chose for Pharynx new form. I have always been a sucker for dark blue with red.

I mean, Pharynx didn't actually change or anything, he clearly always loved the hive and Thorax never intended to send him away, so basically, Starlight and Trixie weren't necessary. All that needed to happen was... that scene at the end where I guess Pharynx claims he's changed even though he really didn't? I mean just wait until the Maulwurf attacks and then presumably things would have gone down exactly the same with or without Starlight and Trixie. The changelings weren't worried about "needing protection," they were worried about Pharynx being a jerk about it. Which I suppose is enough to keep you a nasty black love-eating creature. Everyone just says something magical and life-changing occurred, but really all that happened was Pharynx stopped caring the changelings were all wimps... which they clearly are.

Also why did everyone have this weird "outside" voice? Like they're purposefully exaggerating just to make sure everyone watching understands "I'M THE JERK" or "I'M THE HIPPIE." This whole episode felt like the childishness was cranked up to 11... including disregard for story consistency.

Also obligatory "HA HA Starlight says she used to have a cult for the eleventy billionth time but it's not funny anymore."

4655836 Personality-wise, Pharynx would probably get along swimmingly with Luna. In terms of accomplishments, though...
"Princess Celestia, it is said that you once sent your sister to the moon. Tell me more!"
:twilightoops: :trollestia:

Nice header. The soup was one of the best parts

4655843 He reminds me a bit of Twilight's worry that the changelings are still given to mischief, or at least some too much so. It does seem that while they've gone to an extreme to express themselves (because that's sorta logical after being oppressed for however long they were), there is that mildly playful edge to them in some cases. So ... he could sorta be a call back to that. Sorta like "Yeah, sure, sharing love is great and all ... wanna see me jumpscare that rich mare by turning into a timberwolf while she's not looking?"

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