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I'm a shameless neckbeard who has a knack for writing a LOT of smut. I have an Official Patreon page (Patreon.com/TheVClaw), and I also take commissions to help support myself as a freelance writer.

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I have a new avatar! · 1:29am Sep 2nd, 2017

Finally! I no longer have to deal with that BS Pony-Maker OC I made years ago! Not only was it lazily done, but it looked nothing like I do now (i mean hell, it had a full head of HAIR).

And apparently, I wasn't the only person who thought I needed an upgrade. A very talented artist named Sleepy Panda messaged me and asked if I wanted an updated avatar pic. So, I said yes and got my new pic as the result! If anyone is curious to get work from her, I recommend checking out her page here: https://www.fimfiction.net/user/180398/Sleepy+Panda

[EDIT] I wasn't able to upload image links from my phone for some reason, so here's a quick revision to show off two alternate background versions she made as well:

Report TheVClaw · 364 views · #New art #avatar
Comments ( 11 )

Now this looks a little closer to what you really look like, right?

Oh, cool, Panda drew something for you.

Oh hello! that's impressive art work of your Oc *claps excitedly*

Nice! Your OC looks like he's a tad pissed off though. Or maybe he just has RBF?

To be fair, I kinda do too.


Then it's highly accurate!

I'm gonna miss the old one.

Honestly, I won't. I made it from one of those ponymaker sites, and it didn't represent me at all. The new one at least looks closer to myself.

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