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Editor of several Trixie writers while doing his own stories when possible. Fun Times. Tips are appreciated, but no pressure.

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  • 106 weeks
    Really should pay more attention sometimes.


    I am sporadic at looking at Equestria Daily. I regret never knowing this happened, or that I was on it. :twilightblush:

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    Stupid Thought.

    Cozy Glow was sending letters to Tartarus...how did anyone not notice that!? How did no pony read over the letter before hand to make sure it was okay for some twelve year old to be sending letters to Tirek in the first place? How did she get the address to Tartarus!? Why does it even have a address you can look up!? :twilightangry2:

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    Still up there?

    I am quite surprised, Horror Flick is still on the main page four days later and on a Saturday to boot. It is now dropping and being beaten by a story involving a, and I quote from the description 'Big Tiddy Goth Babe'.

    I am okay with this.

    Just wanted to thank everyone who read and enjoyed it. Been awhile since I did more than editing and happy to see my work is still well liked.

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    About 1/2 way done now.

    Just a small update on my existence for those wondering. Still here, but I kind of got caught up in things with real life and also lost the interest to write for a bit, which is annoying because I was ecstatic at all the new follows Complex Apartments brought in. :pinkiehappy:

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    Movie Time Approaches!

    Huzzah! Finally! After months of avoiding Derpiboroo spoilers and ignoring trailers and every spoiler plausible on Equestria Daily the time is approaching! Tomorrow I shall see this movie and be able to stop worrying about having the movie ruined.

    What I know so far:

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SQUEE! · 9:17pm Aug 31st, 2017

Well, even if I fall short in the contest, I will have to say this has been a success in my book. :pinkiehappy: Featured and not even dangling at the bottom, but in the top spot for a lot of the day! I don't really know if spots on the featured box mean anything or not, but it still feels good to see it up there.

I'll admit to feeling a bit disheartened as other contest fics showed up in the featured box, but many of those writers had 1k or more in followers. Not that the ones I read were bad that were featured, but the weight of followers did make me feel that my odds were poorer in getting the story noticed at all.

But, there my story is! The first story of mine that made it to the feature box that I feel actually deserved to! :twilightblush: I do enjoy One Way Ticket, but I just found it silly to have been my first with the lack of planning that story has.

Yep, I am up there with wonderful stories like....like Luna Visits a Tentacle Pit. Huh...w-well I haven't read that story yet, so I can't really judge. Maybe it's more amazing than the title lets on. :twilightblush:

Or maybe I hold the featured box in more esteem than I should. :trollestia:

Regardless, thanks for reading my works, and thanks for following me, I do write for my own enjoyment, but seeing that number grow is a surprisingly nice feeling. Gonna head up to my parents tomorrow, relax for a bit, probably play some of the newest X-COM dlc, and then start working on my other stories again.

But, seriously, thanks, I have been extremely happy over the results of this story the whole day. Kinda wish I knew what that handful of dislikes was for, but meh. :pinkiehappy:

Report Phaoray · 467 views · Story: Complex Apartments ·
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Congratulations! I've yet to reach the featured box yet. :ajsleepy:

Thanks, and it takes time, took me nine stories and 4-5 years of pony to start getting on it, but I don't write nearly as much as many people on here do and I've seen people get up there much sooner. Give it time, keep working on improving your stories and writing skills, make sure you have a good editor to poke at the problems in them, and it'll happen. :pinkiehappy:

Or maybe I hold the featured box in with more esteem than I should.

Probably this one.

Still, congratulations.

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