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I’ve been here since, make my own artwork (edited from the show), LOVE collabs, editing, writing, and AU’s, my alter ego is Star Shine, and I am of the Unicorn Guild,neither brony nor pegasister.

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Some things about me: · 1:41am Aug 27th, 2017

So I have been on Fimfiction since 2013 or so, but I just recently decided to get an account. So if you're wondering how I suddenly found so many authors and stories, that's how.

A big announcement I want to make is that any artwork you see on my page or in my book is, unless otherwise noted, originally a snapshot of the show itself that I edited.

I don't know how to create a bio, and am too tired to figure it out tonight.

My OC's name is Star Shine. She is an avid AU traveler, with her own home universe, family, and elements of harmony. She is the element of laughter, and her cutiemark is two stars on top of one another indicating magic and knowledge, with a quill on the top, representing writing. Her special talent is movie writing.

I REALLY want to COLLAB with someone on an AU. If you have ideas or want a co-writer, I'm your gal!

Signing off,

Oh! and P.S. I am a part of the Unicorn Guild--Neither a brony nor pegasister, but still a fan.

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