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cancelled · 9:44pm Aug 23rd, 2017

This sucks shit, but I've got to cancel A New Sun. It's just not going to happen. I don't have the time, and I can't bring myself to deal with this fic's inherent, snowballing flaws anymore. I can gush about what I intended for anyone who wants that, about future plans and so on.

if I ever find the time I might come out with a one-shot or two. I still love writing, and this site isn't dead yet for some reason.

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It was a great ride as long as it lasted... it really was. One of the most entertaining and intriguing stories I've followed. Anyway, I know the feeling. If you don't mind, I for one would like to know what you intended to write and where the fic would have gone.

Hope stuff turns out alright for you and I wish you all the best.

Well, of course it is sad to see this story end this way because I really enjoyed it but if you can´t go on with it anymore, you can´t go on anymore.

Still I am looking forward to see eventual future horsewords from you.

Damn :fluttershysad:
Well, not all stories do end. Let's hope the future treats you right and you can come back some day.

And, since you offered, what where the plans for it? How did you intend to continue the story, the major points at least, and how would it end? I hate to see stories die without an ending, but at least knowing what it would be helps.
Thank you in advance :twilightsmile:

I'm sorry to hear that, was definitely one of my all time favorites to come from this site. I too would like to know where you were headed with it if thats all right. I hope life is being kind to you recently.

Well.... fuck.

All I can really say is how much I enjoyed this story and looked forward to updates. It's so rare to find a story with a lead that has flaws you can relate to.

I enjoyed how... organic? If that's the right term this felt. The character reacted to what happened and didn't immediately let themselves get shoehorned in to what was going on.

Will keep this in my favs for now in the hope you decided to continue it some day.

Sheesh, another good fic down the never finished drain. Sigh.... Aaaaaanyway, what was it you intended and the future plans and so and so?

Well, that sucks; I was looking forward to reading it.

4645825 4645851 4645853 4645871 I'll compile the canceled plans into another post since I had a lot.
4645865 I'm glad Mag made sense to you. If it helps, she gets a happy ending in my head.

Thanks for taking it gracefully, people. I've been mad about having to do this for a long time.

SIGH well this sucks, but at the same time i understand.

I'm sorry to hear it, but I'm glad you're able to realize when you're not happy.

I look forward to whatever you may write in future.

I look forward to whatever shorts you write. I'm rather curious how Mag would have had a happy ending. Mostly because I can't help but wonder what her place would have been in the end of things. She had inserted herself into such a key role with no apparently future for her. I'm unsure if she would have remained on Earth, or gone back to Equestria if it could have been recovered, or done what-else (like become a ruler of a world herself). She certainly is in a unique position, but where it could have gone remained completely open with foreshadowing all over the place.

I've been writing some blogs outlining what my plans were. I'll get to this.

I currently have 382 stories in my "Read" folder, many more that I'm tracking, and less than 25 have made it to "Favorite" status. Your story is one of those elite few. It is so different from most of what gets posted here and so philosophically deep; I'm truly sorry to see it go. Thank you for the entertainment you have provided up to this point. I look forward to enjoying anything else you care to put out.

hope everything goes well for you with anything else you do

Well, crud. I'm sorry to hear it, but I understand the feeling very well.

Aw hell. :fluttershysad:

I get it. Sometimes the inspiration just dries up, or the motivation, or the time. It was a great ride while it lasted, and I'm heck of glad your Celestia and your Mag were part of my life for a while.

Sucks to hear it, but if you gotta do it, you gotta do it.

Still sad - it truly was IMO one of my favorite / best put together fics on the site.

I'm very sorry to see this discontinued. I thought it had great potential. But I am not in a place to second-guess the author, and can only wish him good luck.


we had a hell of a run, and every second of it was an absolute pleasure. of course, i wish you nothing but the best.

This fucking sucks but yeah, it's all I can do. I'm not done around here, though, and I'll be needing your help if it's available.

great. another good story was killed by her own author, and another author became a faggot.
inb4: fuck u too.

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