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I Am His Queen, Chapter 9: Depression: Part 3 · 3:56am Aug 21st, 2017

More secrets are being discovered, and a retired general finally enters the mix. Will it be enough in time to save the Queen? Or will it all fade to ash?

Alive and back in the game, everyone! It's been awhile, I know, but I've been away from tech while on a cruise. And lo and behold, it's about a week until college. Bummer, huh? Still, I'll try and keep writing and I'll try to get all of my fanfictions done for you fans!

I know I said I would have this chapter done a long while ago, but it was just such a struggle to get into the mood that Chrys is in in this fic. Apparently listening to Pork Soda by Glass Animals helped? I've had it on loop for hours. Nonetheless, I've been working and I'm proud to say I feel like I'm in the groove of writing again. I plan to work on Knock Knock some, if I can, and WMHM if otherwise. Thanks so much for sticking with this fic through the long hiatuses, I know it's a struggle and a lot of you probably hate me for it, but trust me, I'm still working on all of my fics and trying to get them done.

Comments make the fics go faster! If you want a certain fic to get done, shoot me a comment and I'll respond with some progress! They really help motivate me, especially since I have a lot of problems remembering stuff like where I left off in writing a specific fic. :) I'll try and work even harder to get these done faster. In the meantime, enjoy this chapter of I Am His Queen!

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