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BronyCon 2017: After Action Report · 5:36pm Aug 20th, 2017

So. It’s been almost a week since BC. I know most folks have already done followups. You’re probably tired to death of them. Hey, that’s fine. But, I gotta give my shoutouts to the people who deserve them. That being said… it’s been a hell of a week. So much personal stuff has happened that I’m sure there are things that just slipped through the cracks, so if I forget something, please forgive me.

Last thing: if you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know about Oroboro’s Sunset Shipping Contest… well, you haven’t been paying attention. Why on earth are you following me and not following Oroboro and Albinocorn?! What’s wrong with you?! That’s a thing!

On with the show!

Shortly after the end of opening ceremonies, SweetieBot posted this in the middle of the #sunset-lounge in Novel’s Nook. Seriously, Sweetie gets me. It’s awesome. She knows what I need.

I remember also saying something like “after I get home, I’m going to hide and try to recover from this massive friendship overdose.”

This is part of that recovery process, written after spending half the day on airplanes and crossing way too many timezones (by the way, timezones suck. They still confuse the hell out of me, namely when I’m going through them!).

Let’s talk about BronyCon 2017.

I’m sure you all know this, but this was my very first BronyCon, so kinda a big deal.

Now, I've got a chronological thing below, but I decided I should hit my favorite part right out of the gate. And that was all the writers!

Quills and Sofas

In case you didn’t know (because I didn’t know), Quills and Sofas is the writer’s/creators hangout at BC. It’s just a relatively small room off the first escalator to the Vendor Hall with a bunch of tables set up. They even had some old typewriters set up in there for kicks! I spent a great deal of my time in there… one with my own kind!

For the very first time, I got to meet a ton of people in-person and it was epic and a little surreal. I’m sure I made a total idiot out of myself in first impressions for most of them, but I’m of the opinion that those boring things called “normal people” don’t do cool stuff like go to pony conventions, so you gotta take your good with your bad.

Okay, that’s just the best excuse I can come up with right now. The truth is, I was freaking terrified. Seriously. Most of the weekend, unless I was directly engaged in doing something, be it in a panel, talking to someone or several someones or something like that, I was having like crazy hard panic attacks to the point of being almost unable to breathe. Weird.

So, I’m going to do some shoutouts. I’m sure there are people I’m forgetting. I’m so sorry! For the love of Pony, forgive me! I haven’t gotten a good night sleep since I got back!

Bookplayer - I remember starting my conversation with “It’s wonderful to meet the person who emotionally traumatized me so effectively a year ago!”

Dubs Rewatcher - Dude, your hair is awesome. I’m crazy jealous. And this guy is—for some reason—way more chipper than I expected. Not a clue why.

Professor Plum - Who I’m totally not remembering because he’s tall. Actually, I’m remember just how freaking dapper he looked in that damn hat. I wish I could rock hats like that.

AugieDog- I’m sorry I fangirled over the thanks for your response to Diamonds Amidst the Stars (okay, not sorry). Any way I can have you be my like permanent prereader? Forever? (Yeah, yeah, I know, doesn’t work like that, but I still get warm fuzzies from that email!)

Timaeus - Who I still regret not having a giant thing of pixie sticks to give him because I drown in the cuteness of his stories.

Pascoite - Darn you because those cover ideas we bounced back and forth are still rattling around in my head!

Deathscar - Who is probably one of the best guys I’ve ever seen run a panel. I should have taken notes. I would have if I hadn’t been having so much fun at the Sims panel.

TheMaskedFerret - Who I still can’t believe was like one of my first followers after I published Applications and I totally didn’t fangirl over that fact no matter what the thirty people in the room may say about it.

Majin Syeekoh - Hopefully I wasn’t too terribly boring of a date for you at the Writer’s Dinner. Giant freaky thunderstorms are giant and freaky.

bloons3 - I’m still kicking myself for not realizing you were Barney on Saturday. Seriously, how did I miss that?! 

SkeeterTheLurker - Drunk or not, you were hysterical. Heheh.

FanOfMostEverything - Sad I only got to shake hands with you once, but with all the chaos around that place, it was bound to happen. Also? I don’t have any quips. Sorry!

Bad Horse - I’m not sure I ever formally met you, but for some reason I had this crazy intimidating picture of my head of you. Instead, you were smiling, happy and having fun. I blame Dr. Horrible for my preconceptions.

Wanderer D- ...I’m too tired to come up with anything clever! Gah! Defeated!

And we can’t forget those I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting: Horizon (He’s the tall one, Plum, if it helps. And does Drunken Tarot Readings. I remember that VERY clearly) and Corejo (who I have learned can completely best me at certain things and I shouldn’t even try trying to out weird him).

That’s not including getting to spend an entire evening with the entire SciSetDaily crew! That was pretty wild. I think Rawrstein is seriously going to give Tchernobog a run for his money in the most rabid AppleDash fanatic category. Maybe if Tch would show at a con or start writing again, he wouldn’t have to worry about it...

And finally getting to show Adge the thing I’ve been cooking up since Babscon: A print of the Sunlight Sliders signed by Rebecca Shoichet and Tara Strong to her personally. Seriously, I’ve been teasing her like crazy since April!

But I’ve saved the best for last, of course.

Swan Song: Hey Swan, anyone ever tell you that you’re like crazy sassy? ‘Cause ya are.

Autumn: You are incredibly easy to talk to. Thanks for listening… now teach me your Rainbow Dash-style catnap technique!

Archold: I’m terrified of actually going really toe-to-toe with this guy in a game of TSSSF. Sadly, our opening salvo got cut off short because we had too much fun with QuipLash… but the eventual showdown between us will be epic.

Corejo: Jeez, I so wish I had this guy’s annoyingly-confident demeanor (and equally annoying good looks, actually scratch that. More annoying good looks).


Ebon Quill: You guys have no idea how much you owe this man. I don’t care if you’re here for GoE or my Fics, but you owe him. This guy does way too much for me and I’ve kinda given up on ever repaying him. Ever.

And of course, Monochromatic: Believe it or not, she doesn’t carry around a Twilight and Rarity plush and constantly make them kiss. I know! I’m kinda saddened by this too! Also, no secret, Mono’s awesome.

OKAY! So, jeez. I’m (still) barely coherent. I decided to take the day off after I got back from BC due to jet lag, general exhaustion and I DON’T WANNA ADULT YET. So, I manage to slam out 3,000 words in that extremely traumatic AppleDash fic I’m writing. That was after getting my oil changed, my passenger side mirror replaced (broke it pulling out of my garage a week or two ago) and getting frames for the latest prints I got at BC. In fact, I only got two this time: AssassinMonkey’s dancing Sunset Shimmer and a signed copy of the ONLY Scootaloo solo print I could find in the entire vendor hall. Why Scoots? Because she’s best CMC. Fite me.

(Scoots is best, Sweetie is cutests, AB keeps them together.). Blame Adge for the “fite me”, by the way. Never would have typed that before reading that incessantly in SciSetDaily.

Flyin’ Out

My dad was kind enough to drop me off at the airport. Jeez, security at John Wayne Airport (Orange County) is crazy. They needed to check a bag of almonds I brought on for explosives! I mean! They’re checking all food now?! This world is nuts. Now, I ended up on the plane and headed to Denver. We had an awesome flight crew. The main guy sounded like he worked for Disney for years as a Ride Attendant who really loved his job. He had all sorts of crazy quips that actually made things fun (honestly, spoiled me quite a bit for the rest of my flights. I remember being a bit sad when they weren’t as funny as this guy!)

For the flight from Orange County to Denver, I finally decided to go back into “That Long Skirts Fic” with Eljunbyro. Fitting, right? I was going east… Rainbow was going east…? No? Oh sush.

But seriously, jeez. I wasn’t ready to actually see the fate of the rest of the Mane 6 in this story. That scene… well, it’s been haunting me since. Been a week now, actually. And I still get flashes of that horrific scene in my head and a knife goes into my chest again. Ain’t fair. Still, I burned through about half that book on my way to BronyCon.

By the way? I splurged and got myself a pair of Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones. The noise-canceling ones. Oh. My. Gosh. These things were glorious. In fact, everyone in my row on my ride from OC to Denver had them. I just could ignore the entire world. Hell, typing this section, I’m sitting in a Mimi’s Cafe right now with them on and despite conversations happening all around me, I can’t hear a thing! Just my white noise sound. These things are amazing.

After landing in Denver, I started finding more of our kind on the plane to Baltimore. Ended up hooking up with one of the guys behind Friendship is Lightning. Great, friendly guy. Another gentlemen I ended up sitting next to was a guy I’d seen at both EFNW and BabsCon! His thing is carrying around this adorable little Flufflepuff plush. Great chatting with them both, though Eljunbyro did eventually pull me back in. Heh. Sorry!

Thursday Night

When I landed at first, people commented about the humidity. I went “Pshah, you kids don’t know nothin’ about humidity!” Whelp, I was wrong. So dead wrong. Sadly, a miscommunication made me think my hotel had shuttles and I ended up waiting for quite a while before I just hopped on the light rail to the Convention Center. On the rail, I met up with plenty of other pony peeps. It didn’t help though that there was some big football game all the locals were using the light rail for. Jeez that place got crowded quick.

Finally, I got myself to the convention center. Picked up my badge (literally just walked right up and got it. Took maybe three minutes. Glorious) and ran into Horizon and Corejo! Chatted with them a little bit before I headed off to find my way to the Hyatt Regency.

Ebon--as always--was awesome and helped me get set up in my room. I settled in, chatted with Ebon for a bit and then finally hit up Swan and Mono, who had come with Jyki, Autumn and Arc for dinner. Met up with Corejo too! We also ended up meeting Hap and his wife. Finally, a couple that’s been married for longer than me!

The lot of us ended up going to Bubba Gump Shrimp! Had a pretty darn good time there, too. I learned that Autumn is actually a smol ninja. I’m going to need to get her some smoke bombs or something. We had a lot of fun, though by the end of dinner, we were all pretty darn tired. After all, most of us had been traveling for most of the day. So we all ended up shutting down a bit early that day.

Friday Day - Opening Ceremonies

After grabbing some food, headed to opening ceremonies with Ebon. I remember being really excited to see Michelle Creber and BlackGryph0n (Gabe) again, since I had last seen them at EQLA 2015. Not only that, but they had the rest of the CMC, even including Babs! It’s amazing just how young those folks are.

My favorite part? Seeing Gabe and Michelle perform “Are We There Yet?” I remember thinking, “Hey, shouldn’t they be doing ‘Here We Are’ instead?” Then they transitioned perfectly to “Here We Are” and actually brought out the voice actors for Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to sing too!

I won’t lie. I totally squeed. THERE WAS MAJOR SQUEEAGE. Good god, that was amazing. I love those songs. So much. Such a high-energy way to kick off the con!

After that, it was time to just check the place out. We got ourselves nice and lost trying to find the vendor hall (seriously, whoever came up with the design to that place was nuts). And then we just wandered and I wish I had like a couple thousand dollars to drop in that place. But I made sure to get the important stuff out of the way first: that’s right, new TSSSF cards.

We then sorta just wandered! We hopped into a couple panels here and there, but nothing huge. We did finally get to meet up with Adge and the SciSetDaily Crew and I finally revealed my gift to her! She was kinda speechless. It was kinda awesome. And by kinda, I mean crazy freaking awesome. Ironically, I ended up holding onto it for another day or so just to make sure it didn’t get messed up.

I also remember going to the CMC Panel. That was a pretty good time. To my total surprise, Claire (the voice of Sweetie Belle) sorta stole the show! I was totally expecting Michelle to do it, but Claire was hysterical and adorable. Lethal combination, I tell you.

Friday Night - GoE Panel

When we first started the panel!

I remember when I submitted the panel to them so we could show off Gardens of Equestria there. I did it as a last-second thing when I found out that the panel applications closed the next day. Pretty impulsive decision in retrospective.

It’s kinda funny. A good part of me didn’t want the panel to be accepted. Because BC is like THE CON. If you can do a panel well at BC, that’s a major feather in your cap (I think). But we were accepted! So I was like “Ah ponyfeathers. I gotta do a thing now.”

Especially after the awesome response at EFNW, I knew we needed something special. So I killed myself and several members of the GoE Team and we pulled off getting maybe half of Chapter 1 done and demo-playable for BC. Believe it or not, it worked!

The panel ended up going really well. Despite a scare at the very beginning caused by Windows freaking out with resolutions when we connected to the projector and Fallout: New Vegas saying “I don’t wanna play at that resolution. Buzz off.” Let’s not forget that Windows decided it needed an update at the last second.

Despite all of this, we managed to start exactly on time! We had great audience participation. They were having fun, they were engaged and they were interested. Even the folks who decided to come as a favor to me (special thanks go to the SciSetDaily Crew and the Swan Song Brigade) had fun.

Ebon and I even planned ahead so we wouldn’t run over one another! Heh. It was an issue back at EFNW. I was happy to have it done… and even happier with how excited people were about it. I had folks coming up to me for the rest of the con, introducing themselves, saying they enjoyed the panel and told us how good it was! It was a strange thing, really. It’s weird to actually have fans. Fans.

So thank you for everyone who came out! I hope you enjoyed it. It’s a great sign of things to come. We’ll have the panel up on YouTube as soon as we get the feed from the BronyCon staff (who were awesome).

As most of you know, I really have two “personas” in the MLP Fandom. The first is Novel Idea, Project Lead and Creative Director for the Manehattan Project, creating Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm.

That was the first Novel Idea. My first version that I showed to the world when we launched the Manehattan Edition Audiobook, plus the GoE Website and Teaser Trailer. All done under that name.

I created Novel Idea on FimFiction as a PR outlet for GoE, nothing more. But as you know, eventually, I got sick of telling you all I was an author and having nothing to show for it. Then came Applications a little over a year ago, shortly after I found out I could write again.

That’s the new persona, the one that most of you know. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve treated both the same way. The big difference is that there’s a ton of people in the FimFic community who don’t know I’m Project Lead (plus founder, executive producer, creator, etc) of GoE. And a fair amount of people in the Fallout: Equestria fandom that don’t know I do stories about fiery-maned pones and purple girlfriends (among other things).

That being said? I love both groups. You’re both amazing.

Friday Night - SSD Group

After a panel or two and some more Vendor Hall shenanigans, Ebon joined us that evening to go to Blaze Pizza a few blocks away from the Convention Center. That was a great time! Picture’s all above. I’m horrible with names though and I sadly didn’t catch everyone’s on there. I’m sure Adge did far more justice than I could anyway.

Have to admit though? Not happy that it was pouring rain out when we went outside. Didn’t have a hoodie. And while I like the rain, I don’t like being drenched. It got pretty bad, really. Nothing on Saturday’s storm, but still wild.

Friday Night - Writers and Ducks

After being wet and miserable for a while after finally reaching the lobby with Ebon, I headed to Quills and Sofas, tried to just relax for a bit and dry off (thank goodness I had some sort of jacket on). Then we headed over to Bookplayer, AugiDog and Horizon’s panel about “Moving from FanFic to OriginalFic.” I really kicked myself for this later, because bookplayer told me she would have put me on the dang panel if she had known I was coming! Drat, drat and double drat. It was an interesting perspective. While I fully expected it to be all about the pros of original fiction, they talked a lot about how incredible the FimFic Community is. Seriously guys, you don’t even understand how rare this community is. They simply don’t have this kind of thing in professional writing. Even legends like Brandon Sanderson, Stephen King or (insert your favorite author here) don’t get this kind of comments and back and forths. They get sales numbers, some con stuff and Amazon reviews. That’s it. Be grateful for this place!

I was worried that the panel would like completely dissuade me from writing FanFics. Nope. Not even close. I ain’t even done.

Jeez… what did we even… OH! After that group, we all chatted, wrote and generally did writerly stuff in Quills and Sofas until midnight, where a group of us (Mono, Swan, Autumn, Arc, Plum, Ebon and myself, though we picked up Majin about halfway through) wandered around trying to find a hotel TV system that carried Disney XD to watch the new Ducktales series premiere. Gotta admit, it’s pretty good. Actually watched it (finally) this morning with the kids. I like the animation. I like the sheer amount of lore and story they’re packing into this from the get-go. I can tell they’ve got a real story bible going behind the scenes. It’s gonna be good.

Sadly, we never actually got to see it. It was around 1AM when we finally called off the search. Still, it was a fairly good time and fun--if a bit exhausting--for all involved.

Sadly, there wasn’t a single night during the con where I managed to get to sleep before 2AM. Saturday however… would be an entirely different story.


I’ll admit, I don’t actually remember a lot from Saturday day! I remember more Vendor Hall scouring (probably too much… definitely too much). Oh yes, I did get the single Scootaloo print and got it signed by Maddy Peters. Spent a lot of time in Quills and Sofas, chatting with folks, meeting people. Got to have a nice long chat with bookplayer… something I’d been looking forward to for a very long time. For the love of pete, I cannot remember the name of the guy who joined us! Forgive me!

Saturday - “The Sphinx’s Riddle”

I just want to show off just a little. You know that story that’s sat solidly in the feature box at #1 since Wednesday morning? The Sphinx’s Riddle? Yeah, I helped edit that (very quickly) for the personal delivery to Earthsong. Mono, of course, did all the real work. But I’m sorta doing that “Hey, I was there too!” thing. I guess. Maybe? Pah.

Funny story? She originally didn’t want to post it. She thought it wasn’t enough. I think you all proved her wrong!

Saturday - “Fame and Misfortune”

So Mono got like… eleven messages telling her that she had to watch the latest episode. Thankfully, unlike Ducktales issues, we got this to run! It was Mono, Corejo, Swan, Autumn, Jyki, Ebon and myself this time. And good golly, that was a great episode. We got to have ANOTHER song (I’m a sucker for songs). We got to have a fantastic message that was PERFECT TO AIR ON THE WEEKEND OF BRONYCON. Honestly though? I can’t even really sum up the message. I will say, you need to watch this episode if you haven’t yet. It’s glorious. It’s like… a reflection of everything that’s happened in the show. About Rarity’s character development. About Fluttershy taking slow steps toward assertiveness.

It also made Mono incredibly happy because of adorable RariTwi moments during the song. Seriously, poor Rarity. Poor everypony.

But ironically, one of my favorite parts of the episode was that the overall conflict was not resolved. I think this is the first time we’ve ever had the primary episode conflict unresolved! Yes, we had the little fix with the two foals (and just saying, I was terrified Starlight was going to do something incredibly stupid). But they were still having a freakin’ war outside Twi’s castle about what they took from the book!

That was really cool to me. Lately, I’ve had a lot of issues that simply… don’t get resolved. They might get slowly repaired, but never fixed. Anyway, while Mono was horrified by the evil, evil Rarity abuse (and Twilight chasing after her!), she did squee a lot for the song. Or maybe it was me. Probably me.

Saturday Night - The Writer’s Dinner

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

No seriously. It was a dark and stormy night. Ask any of the fifty people who went to the Writer’s Dinner. Lightning flashes every 5-10 seconds. Pouring rain. Total mayhem. We had to use a freaking LYFT to get three blocks (I did NOT want to get soaked again). I tried to get everyone to write something that night starting with that line, didn’t pan out.

That was a good time. I got to sit with Majin, who I’d never really gotten to know very well before. We had some interesting conversations, about a few recent Writeoffs, the concepts of FixFics (and their importance in emotional resolutions) and some writing material in general. Then we generally just had some fun socialization. A few people may have been drunk. And those who were not drunk may have been very amused by those who were drunk.

Saturday Night - Dancing Toward the Sun & “On RariTwi”

So, I decided to actually get some writing done with my new magical headphones of magic. Originally, I was going to work on my AppleDash story, but that's an intense and painful story to write, so it didn't have emotions I wanted to channel right then and there. Instead, I managed to get 725 words done in my Sunset Shipping Contest Entry (UNOFFICIAL), Dancing Toward the Sun. Then Mono stole them. Brat.

Wanderer D and I had a blast doing mime work on her while she had them active. Heh. Anyway. Majin Syeekoh ended up asking Mono basically “Why RariTwi?” I remember having a conversation with another author the previous day on why RariTwi didn’t work. Ironically, they believed it was due to “class” (as in a class of people), but I only realized later that their perspective on class was a very American view on class.

Then Mono dropped the bombshell on us. It was Ebon, Corejo, Arc, Majin and myself. Now, I’d heard this story before, but never before in such passion. She said it better than anyone. Mexico has a radically different concept of class. But, Mono does occasionally trip herself up, so we may have hounded her to write it then and there and that we’d actually edit it then and there…

So that’s what we did. I puttered around in my story and Mono wrote like a maniac using my headphones. Eventually though? We had to skedaddle when they closed the room at 2AM. We ended up relocating to my room in the Hyatt Regency.

We chatted, we had fun, we enjoyed ourselves. Swan Song, Autumn and I think Jyki joined us, too. First Mono continued to write like there were demons on her shoulders (best kind of writing, if you ask me), then we all semi-passed out on my bed as Ebon attacked it with his EDITING WITCHCRAFT SKILLS. Here’s the thing with Ebon: I’d never actually seen him edit before. I mean in-person. He probably took a good hour or two to edit a 1300 word blog post. I’m sure he’s even MORE zealous on my own stories. The guy takes editing SERIOUSLY. Corejo took a quick pass at it too, but half of us were asleep on my bed… or half-asleep on the bed… Poor Mono was freezing from going to the Writer’s Dinner and getting caught in the rain!

Autumn, teach me how to do Rainbow Dash catnaps! I’m so jealous of that. Anyway, with us all barely awake, we made damn sure Mono hit the submit button before she left! This needed to go live!

And it did! (I may have copied it somewhere safe shortly thereafter, just in case). And the best part? Most of you guys got it! Mono was never looking for an “I’m sorry you had to go through that.” She wanted you guys to get why Rarity and Twilight work so well together! And there are (as of now) 53 comments about just how amazing a job she did on telling that story!

Props to Mono for writing it. Props to all of you for getting it!

Then I passed out within about 6 minutes of me turning off the light.

Sunday Morning - VA Panel

I was crazy enough to get up early enough to catch the VA Panel with Vincent Tong (Flash Sentry, Featherbangs, Garble), Kelly Sheridan (Starlight Glimmer & Sassy Saddles), Cathy Westluck (Spike [duh] & Coco Pommel) and Kyle Rideout (though I was a bit late because my damn alarms didn’t go off). Here’s the most important thing you need to know:

Question asked by a member of the audience: “What would happen if Flash and Starlight met?”

FLASH SENTRY: “Hi, Starlight.”

STARLIGHT (AWKWARD, HESITANT): “They told me about you.”

Seriously. They ad libbed that right there. It was glorious. The whole panel was great actually. I didn’t have a clue about a vast majority of the projects they’d worked on, but they still had a lot of fun just playing off one another. It was fantastic. I love VA panels.

A London Fog (Earl Gray Tea Latte) was required for functioning past this point.

Sunday - The Sims Panel

This entire team was awesome, but I just need to say that Deathscar stole the damn show. He’s got incredible stage presence. Amazing. I plan on pumping him for data later on his experience. Also? That animation? BEYOND EPIC.

I may have squeed a ton when Sunset showed up. Whoever did Sunset nailed her voice. Yes, yes, I know it’s not actually her speaking English, but tone is everything. In fact, all the tones were awesome.

My only objection… I like Amy! Why’d Rainbow have to keep getting in a fight with her?! Made me sad.

Also, great to see the SSD crew again and finally get properly introduced to some folks I made the horrible mistake in not getting to know properly on Friday night! Beta and Natalie… plus others I can’t remember right now! Gah! I’m sorry!

Sunday - Closing Cons & Closing Ceremonies

A final pass through the vendor hall was required--of course--plus multiple pictures of the Writer’s Group. One well planned… But we got them all! Bonus? I actually got the coveted special picture where Crystal Wishes is showing how happy she is that she got to meet Mono in person. *cough*

We also did a Writeoff Competition Picture! Everyone who’s done a couple entries in the Writeoff! That was… intimidating. What?! These people are like big names and they scare me and some of their writing is enough to send me into emotional tailspins that take me DAYS to get out of and OH SHUT UP!

The Closing Ceremonies were interesting and entertaining. But the best part for me? Getting to see Ebon give two Coins of Harmony to two little girls who had run up to get free Andy Price artwork (didn’t quite make it in time). Specifically, he gave it to their mom to give it them. Ebon’s good people. I tell you.

Sunday Night - Post-Con Festivities

One final goodbye to the SSD crew, then Swan, Autumn, Mono, Jyki, Ebon and myself. We also ran into KP. That was an interesting experience. I’d never met her. Honestly? I don’t know much about her, since I don’t watch YouTube Reviews/Critics/Commentators? So new experience for me!

Anyway, we all headed to Chipotle and tried to amp out friendship to stave off post-con blues. Worked somewhat. Ran into Garnika and his lady friend. We were all kinda exhausted at this point, so we evenutally wandered up to Swan’s hotel room and played QuipLash for a couple hours, which quickly turned into shots at FanFic Writers (always BY fanfic writers… and by that I mean usually me) or the Brony Fandom. It was good stuff.

He hunted and skinned the couch for the hat.

After wishing KP a good night, I sorta-kinda-demanded that I get in one round of TSSSF with a group of people.

I mean, come on! I was at BronyCon! I couldn’t have let it pass without at least one attempt at a game! We even did the new “Writer’s Rules” where each player has to tell an ongoing story for their entire turn! Swan and Autumn bowed out, sadly (they were both pretty beat), so it ended up being Arc, Jyki, Ebon and myself. And I totally sicced Mono on Jyki when he broke up the RariTwi ship I set up on my very first play. She punished him accordingly.

Sadly, it eventually got too late and we had to call the game. I may have gotten a little extra annoyed at Ebon when he intentionally shipped Twilight AND Moon Dancer with Starlight.

Don’t worry. He’ll get his. The next game we play, the Dazzlings are TOAST.

So with a final farewells to everyone, we headed out. I also promised Arc and Jyki a rematch at EQLA. Don’t worry… I plan to get Mono involved too. It’ll be a battle for the AGES.

Sunday Night - GoE Plots and Plans

On the walk back to the hotel, Ebon and I had a long talk about GoE, including some future plans you guys might get excited about. Kinda some directions, since we had set our goals squarely on getting the BC demo done. That… ended up being a hard conversation in parts. But I’ve got some stuff rattling around in my head now from it.

I don’t know what will become of it… but it’s there.

Monday Morning - Farewells and Goodbyes

Ebon and I took our time getting ready to head out, but not before doing something I’d been meaning to do since I first saw it on Thursday. Now, originally, I wanted to get a pair of SciTwi and Sunset Shimmer cosplayers to do it as a gift for Albinocorn… but in the end, I needed to go with my EqG Minis of Sunny and Twi.

In Long Road to Friendship and Spectacular Seven, it becomes an ongoing game between Sunny and Twi (and eventually Twi and Moon Dancer and Sunny and Moon Dancer) to play on a massive chessboard with pieces so big you have to wrap your arms around them to move them, set up in the local mall near Canterlot High.

So, I got to set up my own game for them:

Then finally, it was time to head to the airport and say goodbye to Baltimare. I walked Ebon to his gate (shocked at how LITTLE security was there. Seriously, they didn’t even make me take off my shoes!) and got to say hello/goodbye to Deathscar. After I wished Ebon a safe flight and he headed back home, I had lunch with Gara, who was waiting for a later flight in a different terminal, at the local Chick-fil-a in the airport. I then wished him a safe journey back to Canada and headed for my own flight.

Monday Rides

Now, I was on Southwest boarding group B47 for this… which is a really bad spot. So, I actually ponied (heh) up the dough to get the special A-seating, since I would be on this plane for like 5 hours and I wanted to be comfortable and have a good seat. Got something near the front, got on my noise-canceling headphones and just lost myself in Eljunbyro. In fact, I spent almost the entire flight just reading non-stop (taking plenty of looks at the gorgeous scenery outside)

Yeah, I could have written, but I wanted to do this. It’s odd now though, thinking that I was on that story then when I’m already two books ahead now. Seriously. I started up Odrsjot yesterday after finishing Innavedr on Thursday night (and after Swan Chat scared me to death about these stories…).

There was a brief layover in Las Vegas (which was not comfortable, since I used to work at the Reno airport--a job I very much hated--and the two airports are very similar). So lost myself in the book again… and I actually finished Eljunbyro on the flight from Las Vegas to Orange County. I even started the Innavedr that moment too! I think I read that night before bed as well.

Good books for a good journey.

Home at Last

Words cannot express how delighted I was to be home. So my dad picked me off, I picked up my car at his place, and I drove home. My cat was utterly thrilled to see me. And I just relaxed and passed out, though I took off the next day to kinda recuperate and do a little writing… but in reality, I ended up spending most of the day reading Innavedr. Heh.

I also worked on my AppleDash Fic… and finished it after work on Wednesday. Needed to finish it then… for reasons.


...as I finish this, Swan Song literally just posted this in his channel:

@Jykinturah @Autumn Rush @Arcshod @Monochromatic @Novel Idea can you guys meet me down in the lobby? i'm hungry and wanna go to Noodle Co and also pick up some fudge before the place closes for the night

...and it’s still going. I think he might need some help. But I ain’t qualified.

Anyway, that's the story for BronyCon 2017. It was a crazy ride, but crazy fun at the same time! For all those who I forgot to mention, forgive me. Thank you everyone who attended for being awesome, being you, and making it epic!

And now...

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Author Interviewer

dang, you do a lot more stuff in the fandom than I knew! :O

...If I ever meet Jykinturah, Imma rag on 'em for never finishing that sketch they started for my fic. ;3

Wow! You sure had an eventful con experience. Part of me wishes I could have been there, but I know I would have ended up as an incredibly anxious wallflower not telling anyone who I was.

But seriously, I'm happy that you and everyone else had such a blast :twilightsmile: And I hope you've gotten rested up since then.

I do believe we met Sunday night. Hilton lobby when you ran into KP? I had the cowboy ish hat and a jug of beer, we talked about having me fill out an app for GoE voice work.

Great to hear you made it home safe and sound.

Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhh! I was right behind you sunday morning in line at Starbucks and didnt say hi. Im an idioit. Oh, well maybe there will be a next year.

Glad you had such a good time and it was awesome hanging out with you. Sorry we didn't get to chat more ^^;

Ya need to get my plane and hotel ticket paid for the next one, so I can beat Rawr over the head with my appledash plushies to establish dominance!

Man, it was so awesome meeting so many fans, writers, and artists at Bronycon, it was almost overwhelming.

Samrose and Scitwidaily were awesome to meet, I'm glad you guys had a fun time. :)

I do wish I'd spent more time with other authors in general and you in particular. I did see you around Quills & Sofas, but I was usually too busy working a typewriter, because apparently my muse really likes archaic word processing technology. But yeah, getting a chance to sit down with you and pick your brain I'd been able to with Ether Echoes would've been amazing.

Well, there's always next year. :twilightsmile:

I need to do writeups like these some day.

The problem is there's nowhere to post them because it'd be like 'Welp, none of Group A knows B and neither A nor B know C' and argh.

But hey I see myself in at least 2 pictures yay :rainbowwild:

So many people having so many awesome times at cons. Congrats on getting yourself out there and all the stuff that happened!

I started up Odrsjot yesterday after finishing Innavedr on Thursday night (and after Swan Chat scared me to death about these stories…).

...Except that. You're starting Odrsjot?

You're gonna have a bad time.

(For real, Austraeoh is amazing. Can't wait to see you at the front!)

It was really great meeting you and several others there. I wish I'd spent more time hanging out with this group but I felt too much like an outsider so I kept wandering away to do my own thing. ...Which didn't go badly with everything going on there, but still. Hopefully next year I can leave my inner Fluttershy at home.

Kera is best pony.

That is all.

...huh. I guess I do? There's the whole cover design thing, too. And Collab projects... and NaNo... Never thought of it that way. As for Jyki, I'll just annoy him directly for you. :pinkiehappy:

Oh trust me. I'm actually a total introvert. I literally hid from the world for a full day after this. Anyway, I would have dragged you out. Ask anyone. I'm good at that. :twilightoops:

Oh yes! I remember you chatting a bit with Ebon! I'll tap him to make sure he got your application!

Do you have any idea how many people I did that exact same thing to? I don't want to even think about that number...

Somehow, I doubt this will be our last meeting. :moustache:

If you want to claim dominance, you need to be the one to claim it! Pontificate

Almost overwhelming?! Try TOTALLY OVERWHELMING! And yes, yes, they were!

So that's where you were hiding! Ugh! I have to admit, I'm sad I didn't take advantage of those... but I also completely loathe to anything that doesn't have an instant backup in case of meteor strikes. (I actually used to use offsite backup as a great thing to have in case a meteor took out a customer's house).

That was actually one of my greatest concerns about BC! I had Ebon from GoE/my editing team, who had never met Mono and Swan, plus getting together with the SSD group. So while I never got the Mono/Swan Group with the SSD group (save for at the GoE panel), Ebon did hang out with me most of the time, so I got him inducted into the Mono/Swan Ducklings. Sorta?

It actually went a hell of a lot better than I could have hoped. I was really worried about splitting all these folks!

Ugh. I really, really wish people would stop doing this to me. IT'S NOT AN ENCOURAGEMENT TO CONTINUE PEOPLE! :derpytongue2:

Evil tormentor of evil evilness!

Hey, just remember that most of us are just as terrified as you are. I have absolutely no idea where this social Novel comes from or where he goes. Seriously, have 6,600 people there was overwhelming. I was serious about having parts where I couldn't breathe from panic attacks.

Seriously?! I give you ALL THAT MATERIAL to work with and that's all you give me?! Granted, Kera's adorable, but COME ON! ./sweetie-belle

See, that's how it starts. It's manageable when there's only a couple people to cross over. Then it grows. And grows. And suuuudddenly you have 4 dozen+ people you want to hang with split into 5+ separate groups and the only choice is to become a living Pinkie Pie Pinball.

It's exhausting but fun. And the one advantage is you are almost never bored :pinkiehappy:

Haha. I appreciate the sentiment, though to be honest you probably wouldn't even know I was me (at least not until after the fact, possibly). I'm not even close to the point where I can be comfortable being trans in public, sadly :ajsleepy:

4642832 Sorry! It's hard to help it. One of the side effects of reading Austraeoh is an insatiable desire to watch other people go through the same emotional insanity (of both ups and downs) we once did. It's sort of a passive-aggressive manifestation of our salty bitterness that you still get to read it for the first time and we don't.

I suppose the better thing to say would be, wow, you're this close to one of the awesomest parts in the series. I wish I could be there.

Wanderer D

Next time we have to actually sit down and talk for a while. Maybe over a game of TSSF

I know most folks have already done followups. You’re probably tired to death of them.

This is only the second followup I have in my feed, but both of you say this :rainbowwild:

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Reading these always makes me want to go too, but if I actually were there I probably wouldn't know what to do, what with me only lurking around on fimfic and not really knowing anyone :twilightsheepish:

Do I seem even remotely sane to you?

I understand. Though know you're not alone for it at conventions.

I am so down to trouncing playing another writer! Seriously, one of the best games of all time was one against Mono. It was GLORIOUS. So yeah, definitely pencil that in for the next shared con!

Well, to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I started here. And now, I know so many people it's overwhelming! You might be surprised!

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