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Recap · 7:39am Aug 20th, 2017

Short recap of A Hiss in the Dark:
Ammon was sent to Equestria after making a deal with The Lady.
He fought Avalis the Dragon, the Avatar of Gorthok the Devourer, then met with Celestia and learned about the chaos in Equestria.
He then fought (and killed) The Mistress of Shadows.
Luna defended Dodge Junction from The Sandman, and managed to 'capture' The Knight of Dawn who came to help her.
The main part of The Knight of Dawn's body was sent to Canterlot via train, while the helmet came directly with Luna, since the armor was protected against movement spells.
Orcas attacked with his undead armies, making a show at the train station, to distract the defenders from his forces moving up from underneath.
Ammon woke up, got the DL from Lieutenant Feather, before heading to the caverns underneath Canterlot with Izolda, the Knight of Dawn, in tow.
Ammon tries to stall Orcas, but only manages to get himself even more injured. Izolda stays behind and destroys her helmet to blow away over half of Orcas's minions.
The Huntress joins the game, much to the dismay of many of the players.
Blueblood reveals one of The Deceiver's pieces after coming to himself. He then goes home, but is warned by The Lady to go save Rarity.
Blueblood is captured.
The Alpha is released into Equestria, removing the Dark Archivist and his champion from the game in the first move.
Ammon comes back to the surface and discovers that The Elements are under attack. He moves to protect them and succeeds in protecting Pinkie Pie, but is injured further by Rainbow Dash.
The Alpha protects Fluttershy, then moves into Canterlot Castle, purging it of a large amount of pieces.
The Alpha ambushes the guards escorting Rarity and Blueblood, allowing them to escape.
Ammon tries to stop the Alpha, but gets himself thrashed. Instead, he moves to protect The Cutie Mark Crusaders.
Applejack is saved by Night Sentinals in full armor. Immediately runs off to find Applebloom. Scares Ammon in the process.
Twilight encounters legit guards while defending herself. Goes with them to protect the castle and her friends.
The Alpha finishes his work, but is prevented from escaping by Luna's arrival.
Celestia arrives, destroys the rest of the undead, and prevents Luna from killing The Alpha.
Havoc, the champion of The Storm of Storms, runs into Avalis while exploring.
Doctor Luther Thomas Wittelsbach, a champion for a player who hasn't been revealed yet, arrives in Canterlot. He saves Ammon and The Alpha's lives from the Canterlot physician's inexperienced care.
Ammon wakes up and receives a DL from Celestia, before Celestia has to go to receive a report from Captain Breeze. Ammon listens in, and learns of the attempted coup that was stopped by The Alpha.
That is a rough rundown of everything important so far. If you're still confused after reading this, I suggest you go back and reread the whole thing again.

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Comments ( 5 )

It's nice to see someone that understands the value of a recap after so long. Thanks, this definitely helped refresh my memory.

Thanks man. Been a while since i read this story, so this recap was very helpful.

Certainly better than trying to shoe-horn it into the story.

Thanks a lot for the recap :twilightsmile:

Last time, on A Hiss in the Dark:

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