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  • 9 weeks
    Next chapter news.

    So for the next chapter, I'm thinking of jumping ahead to season two. The reason being I don't think the last two episodes provide Comet with that much to do. Party of One is a Pinkie Centric episode with her friends working in tandem to keep Pinkie distracted. I originally thought the idea of Comet having to hide the secret entrance to his ship would be a good subplot, but I didn't think that

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  • 12 weeks
    Idea for a Fallout Equestria fic Part 2

    So around two years ago, I posted an idea for a Fallout Equestria story featuring Comet. It was based on the Death of Superman storyline and ended with Comet dying in battle against the pony version of Doomsday. It was supposed to be followed up by part 2, but the negative reception caused me to drop it. So after two years, I'm back to pitch part 2 of my Fallout Equestria fanfic.

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  • 59 weeks
    An Idea for a Songfic.

    So I'm still working on Comet and Little Filly Lost, working being a relative term related to my job. But I've recently rediscovered my love for Elvis Presley. I sing his songs, preform his dance moves. I even borrowed my father-in law's guitar to practice for about a day. So then I got the idea for an album of one-shots of various ponies singing his hits.

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  • 70 weeks
    Two weeks notice.

    As of two-o-clock this afternoon the state of Ohio is under a stay at home order for at least the next two weeks. All non-essential workers have been ordered to stay home. All essential workers must wear a workplace idea to show that their job is essential. And as luck would have it, grocers are considered essential. My shift started just as Governor Dewine made the declaration. Within an hour

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  • 70 weeks
    Very busy this month.

    For those of you wondering when I'm going to post the next chapter, the short answer is I don't know. I've been very busy this past week at the grocery store. This pandemic has people panic buying bottled water, hand sanitizer and wipes, and tons of food. And this week promises to be more of the same. So I ask that you call be patient. I've working whenever I can, so hopefully I'll have something

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Need help starting the next chapter. · 7:12pm Aug 19th, 2017

So after a hectic week of sharing my space with my nephews, I've finally got it all to myself. Now that thats out of the way, I need some help.

So August 13th I posted that the next chapter would be A Trip to Canterlot and that it would be about just that. Comet will meet Celestia and Twilight. However I'm having trouble deciding how to start off. I've got scenes of the Apple Family getting ready, The Train ride to Canterlot and Comet sharing his anxieties about the trip with his family.

So the question I'm asking is what do think should stay and what do you think I should cut as filler? Before you answer I'd advise re-reading Chapter Ten The Apple Family Way since I recently rewrote the ending to fit the new narrative after deleting A Royal Visit. So read that first then comment on what you thinks most important to the plot and what can be cut.

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