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Sin does not waver with time, it only accumulates.

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  • 111 weeks
    Elarial facts #8

    Elarial cannot die as him and death want nothing to do with eachother. So Death refuses to ferry his soul(s) and Elarial simply doesn't acknowledge him in any regard.

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  • 121 weeks
    Life has no meaning

    I just stood on a plug. I feel tears... help me.

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  • 121 weeks

    I'm feeling both types of restlessness right now. I feel like I can pass out at any second and yet i'm full of boundless energy so all I can do is stare at my screen and hope something interesting happens.

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  • 121 weeks
    Chris, The ultimate Griffon Slayer

    For those curious as to what Chris looks like. The image was randomly found on the Internet so it belongs to whoever made it.

    Figured I'd do this cause a picture is easier to visualise, your welcome.

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  • 130 weeks
    What. The. Hell

    So I just realized that I have a decent amount of followers, 41 to be precise. I don't know how that happened (Shifting light, lets be honest.) and I'm aware it isn't really that much, I ain't got shit compared to people like Stardust Balance or Dropbear, but still, 41 is more than none.

    This blog is really just to say thanks for following and have a not shit day.

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Shifting light · 5:35pm Aug 19th, 2017

In the next couple chapters the story is going to pick up with the inclusion of a species called Nightmares and scheme of death.

Report Lucaridis · 150 views · Story: Shifting light · #Progress
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