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My thoughts on Mineplex right now: · 8:58pm Aug 18th, 2017

Mineplex is a large Minecraft minigame server that I like to play on. (When I can.)

Aside from their Sky Wars and their lack of a real TNT wars game, (not to mention that I like Emenbee Realms' Skyblock), it's the server that I typically go to when I want to play minigames.

Except that they have issues with server lag.

Like, unbelievable server lag. Especially on Castle Siege, which was once my favorite minigame.

Also, apparently their anti-cheat is pretty much nonfunctional. So on top of the massive server lag spikes that prompt waves of people to lag out of the game like I do, when the server is actually running smoothly, usually there's some guy flying around killing everyone playing.

This is why I now mostly stick to singleplayer, or smaller servers like Emenbee. Of which has been slowly rotting away from a lack of new players.

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reminds me of Red Orchestras broke anti cheat system; only Red Orchestras thinks people who have lag are using a speed hack

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