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I Was Gonna Make A Comment About The Latest Episode... · 12:28am Aug 15th, 2017

But I took a look at the 'official' thread here concerning the episode, saw how bad that discussion was getting, and decided against it.

Which is a shame, because I enjoyed it on a meta-level. I mean, we had episode 100, which was a massive love letter to the bronies. They gave us an immensely amusing episode meant just for us. Because of that, the writers are certainly allowed an episode where they mock the periphery demographic and remind us that this is a show targeted towards little girls. Fair is fair: We get the gravy of recognition, we gotta accept the grief of having our flaws pointed out, especially the more obnoxious ones. But that's all I'm gonna say on that topic.

So, change of subject: Good news, everyone! My AC at home is fixed. Bad news, no-one... the AC at work is currently busted. So, that means that I'm still broiling eight hours of my day, and you would not believe how tiring it can be, having to work inside a building with no AC and no windows, especially in temperatures approaching 100 degrees, Fahrenheit. We expect it to take a week for the parts needed to arrive before it can all get fixed. So, I thank you for your patience, concern, and well wishes. I'll be back as soon as more favorable conditions are available.

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Comments ( 5 )

Glad to hear you will be back.

What is your work and workplace again?

The biggest irony here is. The episode is just "mocking" the bronies that were upset by the episode. If you're not upset by it and can have a laugh at the joke they presented, you're automatically excluded from the group that gets upset by everything and thus you're not being mocked.

Maybe that's just my sick view of things, but I love how this looks.

Also I freaking loved the episode sooo much it hurts !!! And the song did not fix everything, which is becoming a trend I guess.

Hey, that was present in season 1, where Pinkie's song about sharing actually made things worse, not better. Oh, and in Baby Cakes, where her Piggy song made the babies burst into tears. Oh, and that time when the Princesses sung to Twilight when she was feeling like she was a princess without a purpose, and she left that scene feeling in no way better... Well, honestly, there's usually been one song per season that has accomplished absolutely nothing when sung (Or worse). I'm glad the writers are self-aware enough to recognize that musical numbers don't solve all of life's problems, and mock themselves for trying it.

Oh pony-feathers, I forgot about those.

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