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The New "Iron Horse" Chapter is Here! - "The Lionhearted, Part 3!" · 8:22pm Aug 13th, 2017

The finale comes full circle as the fate of Equestria is decided and Turing Test has a request for Twilight Sparkle...

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final as in end of story or final as in end of arc( little behind so no real reference point)

Finale of the arc. There will be one more chapter after this as an "epilogue" of sorts.

Does this mean that the story itself is done or the ARC itself it done? I may be only 1/4 to maybe almost halfway reading this. but since I've been away from the site for a while, I got a lot of reading to do. I only wrote a message about your birthday cause I saw it in my notifications on my mail. I'm starting to read the first part of "Prime Time of your Life" ... and I'm not even 1/4%.. so I might post some things that I like about the fic. for now I'm going to try to finish r this fic and then see what my opinion is when iget to certain parts of the fic. also a lot of the reviewers kinda spoilied the ending. which is showed on the main page of the fic. that's just a heads up though.

Yeah, it sucks, but it's kinda the risk. This is also why it kinda pays to display oldest comments first instead of the newest ones. :twilightsheepish: However, the final chapter will actually be next week, so technically you haven't missed the whole ending.

I'm glad you're still going through the story, though! I hope you enjoy it, and I'd advise you to view it less as one long story, but a series of episodes an vignettes as part of a longer journey, and it's all the little stories along the way that make the trip worthwhile. :pinkiesmile:

My god this is gonna take me hours to finish I still haven't finished the last chapter

Technically, the next chapter will be the last chapter. This one just brings us to the climax of the story, and the finale will tie up all the loose ends.

And i want to be caught up before that happens

Ah, I see! Well, you've got a week left!:raritywink:

Soon the hard part will be over. All that's left is printing off the hard-covered physical copies to proudly display on our shelves.


All that's left is printing off the hard-covered physical copies to proudly display on our shelves.

Th-that would take some doing... :twilightsheepish:

Wait, was that not this story? I remember that one of the long stories I was following had been tossing around the idea of doing a few at-cost printings for the die hard fans once the story ended. I could have sworn it was this one.

I might have mentioned that as a possibility, but there's currently no plan in place for that. I'm open to it, mind you, but I just wouldn't know where to start.

The biggest hurdle would just be the sheer SIZE of it. The Iron Horse is currently 567,000 words long, which means it's about the same length as War and Peace. (And believe me, no one is more surprised than me that the thing got that long. :twilightsheepish:) I'm just not certain the cost would be feasible.

Having said that... we'll see. If it's less than I think it might be, I might do just that. :pinkiesmile:

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