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"T-teacher?" "Yes?" "I have something to say about my homework..." "Did your dog eat it?" "No... i-it ate my dog..."

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  • Friday
    My thoughts on Mineplex right now:

    Mineplex is a large Minecraft minigame server that I like to play on. (When I can.)

    Aside from their Sky Wars and their lack of a real TNT wars game, (not to mention that I like Emenbee Realms' Skyblock), it's the server that I typically go to when I want to play minigames.

    Except that they have issues with server lag.

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  • Thursday
    Daily Blog #44

    Productivity rates? What is this productivity that you speak of?

    Random Fact: My kindergarten teacher was racist. Guess who switched schools ASAP?

    Thoughts & Opinions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  • Wednesday
    Don't mind me trying and failing to enjoy my last week of summer break.

    'Cause literally any time my dad sees me playing anything on my computer, he pretty much ends up shaming me for doing so, no matter how long I've been playing, or how much other stuff I'd already done that was non-gaming.

    I mean, I love him and all, and he's my dad, but geez, gimme a break. Or at least, what's left of it.

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  • Tuesday
    Anyone wanna join me playing Castle Siege on Mineplex?

    The racist nazi guy's gone.

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  • Monday
    Screw it, this wasn't a good day for me.


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(Somewhat) Daily Blog #43 · 4:38am Last Sunday


No random facts today.

Thoughts & Opinions~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I watched a do not cry challenge. I failed.

Generally, if you ask me, I'm pretty sure that I've teared up at anything that contains a loss of something personal or of significance to a character.

Internet's gone to crap again, so yeah. On the bright side, my singleplayer survival world in Minecraft has gotten a massive bump in overall progress!

Using glitches is fun. I found out about a dupe glitch in Minecraft 1.12 that lets you basically replace any easily obtainable item with something that's much, much rarer. I went from four diamonds to ~72 blocks of diamond in my above mentioned survival world.

The only thing holding my oldest PC back at this point is main system RAM, which I can max out to 512 mb, and the video card, which is a lowly ATI Rage XL card with a measly 8mb of VRAM. If I can get an early Radeon card, then that'd be nice. Nvidia cards have driver issues with the system.

Comments ( 5 )

Glitches are indeed fun. I especially like ones that get you items early like in Metroid Prime or ones that let you get a ton of money in a game like TES

1.12.1 already patched the dupe glitch, so I'm just gonna be happy with my practically limitless supply of diamonds.

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