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  • Today
    I'm sensing a pattern here...

    Whenever I get a new router or some other device to possibly help my internet issues, (such as the router I brought from my old house,) the internet will suddenly work flawlessly for almost exactly one day, before returning to dropping out every so often and general slowness for every day after that.

    I call shenanigans.

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  • Sunday
    I have brought upon the grace of my old router to my sucky Comcast internet.

    So y'know how I've mentioned before that I went from fiber internet at my old house to cable in my current house?

    Yeah, I still have the router I used in my old house. Hooked it up, went through hours of mind-numbing configuration issues, and...

    My internet's actually working... fine, now, surprisingly. :/

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  • Friday

    ERROR 404: Error not found.

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  • Thursday
    Net Neutrality is dead.

    GG, FCC, you just screwed so many people.

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  • Thursday
    Guess what

    The FCC was kicked by a security threat, and we're currently winning the net neutrality debate.


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(Somewhat) Daily Blog #43 · 4:38am August 13th


No random facts today.

Thoughts & Opinions~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I watched a do not cry challenge. I failed.

Generally, if you ask me, I'm pretty sure that I've teared up at anything that contains a loss of something personal or of significance to a character.

Internet's gone to crap again, so yeah. On the bright side, my singleplayer survival world in Minecraft has gotten a massive bump in overall progress!

Using glitches is fun. I found out about a dupe glitch in Minecraft 1.12 that lets you basically replace any easily obtainable item with something that's much, much rarer. I went from four diamonds to ~72 blocks of diamond in my above mentioned survival world.

The only thing holding my oldest PC back at this point is main system RAM, which I can max out to 512 mb, and the video card, which is a lowly ATI Rage XL card with a measly 8mb of VRAM. If I can get an early Radeon card, then that'd be nice. Nvidia cards have driver issues with the system.

Comments ( 5 )

Glitches are indeed fun. I especially like ones that get you items early like in Metroid Prime or ones that let you get a ton of money in a game like TES

1.12.1 already patched the dupe glitch, so I'm just gonna be happy with my practically limitless supply of diamonds.

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