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    So something curious has just happened: I just got done watching the South Park Post-Covid two part special, and it has put me in a very positive and hopeful mindset. Yeah: South Park of all things giving me the feel-goods. Like legitimate fuzzies about things working out.

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    Hells to the yeah: Season 2, and it's coming in early December, baby! Right alongside Stone Ocean at that, hoo-yeah!! Just the thing to perk me up after a day of work, I tell ya.

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    This is a little late in coming, but last Friday I officially quit my job at Walmart and have moved to a desk job for construction company! It's an hour drive to-and-from and starts early in the day, but it pays more, so huzzah fresh starts! So in light of that, I figure I will go ahead and publish my entry in the Gen

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    The big moment has finally arrived: the latest, most prospective entry in the Pony-verse. MLP: A New Generation had dropped on Netflix yesterday, and I "celebrated" it by roping my two good buds into watching in: one who has zero understanding of pony period, and the other who has some familiarity and dropped out of watching the FiM moving at the three quarter mark. So loaded up with Alize and a

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    So about Deltarune Chapter 2's ending...



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The Susan Ashworth Special · 1:42am Aug 12th, 2017

Howdy-li-doe, yo(s)! About midway through August, with the eclipse ten days away. I finished reading The Guns of August a few days ago (damn good informative read; an utter s***show of f***ery that first month of war), so that's off my list. And today I struck off yet another minor and somewhat silly goal. So this pertains to the video game The Cat Lady, which you may have deduced from this blog's title. For those not in the know, it's a brutal adventure game about dealing with depression with great music and some of the most disturbing imagery I've ever seen in gaming. Without going into proper spoilers, our protagonist, Susan Ashworth, comes home to wind down after a very rough and bizarre day. After a quick shower, she helps herself to what I'm hereby dubbing The Susan Ashworth Special.

Basically you heat yourself up one of those cheap microwaveable hamburgers, and once that's in your belly you finish up with a soothing cup of hot coffee with creamer and a cigarette. That's it; Susan is a woman with humble tastes. Still makes for an excuse to have coffee and cigarettes at the same time. To pull off that noir feel even more. Sadly no low jazz or heavy rain to set the mood. Maybe some other day. Now to find the time to enjoy a smoke and a pancake one fine morning. With a cup of fresh coffee to go with it, of course. Always got to have coffee with my griddle cakes.

I'm quite into coffee, though I don't go out buying different blends or am an expert on the subject. I just love that boost and that bitter taste when it's black as midnight on a moonless night. I've also been watching the first two seasons of Twin Peaks, and boy do they love their coffee and donuts. I ought to do another donut run someday, now that I have income again.

Anyone care to share their random August activities, odd goals or things they want to do that's not particularly impressive but still tickles their fancy? Perhaps thoughts on the upcoming MLP movie? I might devote my own thoughts in a future blog, but this one is quite full. So all the best to you assorted silent followers. Stay classy.

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I tell ya, that movie is promising, I'm excited for it, but the hype is being diluted by how far in advance it was announced. Which, I mean, is probably nothing outside the norm for movies. Maybe it's the fact that I'm plugged into the fandom? Like, Marvel movies, I see one, maybe two trailers about five times over the course of a year, then I get to see the movie. There's no constant news feed about actors and merchandise and teasers and whatnot. Gosh. D:

Well lucky/not lucky for me, I've been out of touch with the fandom outside this website, and even then I don't follow much in terms of news. Plus, I'm not all that super into the upcoming film, so there's that.

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