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Bronycon Forgetfulness · 6:53am Aug 10th, 2017

Actually, in this case, it's more that I'm so disorganized in my house that I can't find the specific Magic cards to go netdeck. That, and I left it for the last minute. Cuz that's how I roll. Apparently quite badly.

It's my third year in a row going to Bronycon. I'm waiting at the gates here at the airport as I type this. I'll never get used to this. Third time around and I'm still anxious about all this. Going to Baltimore, a city in another country, and then screwing around like at any convention. I've been avoiding cons other than Bronycon the past couple of years so I can afford these trips. The beginning and the end of these excursions are the most anxiety inducing. Like, what happens if the plane crashes? What did I forget to do? How badly are the guys messing up at work when I'm not around? Am I gonna get my phone searched by the TSA again cuz I went to a furry convention or cuz I just look like the kind of guy that would be carrying a crapton of knives? (The new lip piercing I got for my birthday ain't gonna help with that). Is the airline gonna forget my luggage at a stop again? Will I get shot up at Baltimore because I end up on the wrong side of town. Meh. It's me just worrying over nothing. Although I'm fairly sure when I get back to work from this vacation, I'll learn that someone dumped a whole pallet of pop off the racking. It's something that has a tendency to happen when I'm gone.

Oh shit. What if there's a zombie outbreak on the plane? 😱

Anyways anyways. I've been kind of planning with Foamy and we're gonna have some sort of Magic the Gatheringget together at Trick Question's party on Friday. You don't have to bring a deck. Foamy's bringing about a dozen Commander decks and I'll bring... two. A precon from a couple years ago and this absolutely stupid mono green deck. I'm considering naming this thing "Timmy's Emporium" or something cuz it's just a showcase of huge assed green creatures and mana accel. And evasion. And green removal. Cuz lol. Also Jugan is commander, for he is apparently the Bearer of Gifts. Look, when we kept on opening him in the first Modern Masters, he kept on coming with things like foil Vendillion Clique and foil Jugan with Tarmogoyf. He was a pleasant omen. Yeah, I'm hoping that Foamy brings like Esper control or mono black or I'm completely out of my element. Dammit. Why'd I have to lose track of my other Commander decks? 😫

Come play Commander with us on Friday if you're at Bronycon. Look for Trick Question or follow the grapevine for details on the location and time of the party. I'll be throwing in a completed deck of Planar Chaos and a complete set of Vanguard to maximize the chaos :pinkiehappy:

Wait. The title of this blog is about being forgetful. Oh! Right. I remember something that happened a couple of years ago.

It was the Writer's Dinner at Bronycon 2015 and it was great. I was eating this fantastically hueg burger to help me on my quest to be HUEG, Flashgen and Barraka... Bakka... Barrack Pantsu... ok, fuck. Flashgen and Black Panther/Boston Pizza were talking about their stories to my left. Pegasus Rescue Brigade across from me seemed rather timid. Poor guy. I'm convinced he was being all anxietied. Like I am. Right now. Cuz we're boarding the plane. Right now.

I forget who was to my direct right. Possibly Admiral Biscuit? I completely forget. I'm guessing it was prolly him from how lively a Conversation with Shachza we were having.

It was, you know. Typical Brony fare. Swapping headcannons. Talking about the characters. Being lewd, perhaps? Probably. I mean, I was in the conversation. I recall Twilight's Secret Shipfic Folder popping up. It's inherently lewd. It was then that Shachza brought up this idea of Luna being Equestria's fertility goddess. It rather did make sense. The moon has symbolism with fertility. The moon does become full once a month. What else happens once a month.

Then I had to open my damn mouth and blurt it out as quickly as I could. "So I guess that makes Luna like a pelican, eh? Like, to deliver the babies?"

It took a few moments for people to understand I was actually talking about storks and for me to realize I had forgotten what a stork was, then another for the hilarious imagery of Luna as a pelican to pop up into mind. We all had a good laugh after that. If any of them say I was blushing, they are lying sooooo hard.

Damn, that was a good burger.

I commissioned Ruirik earlier this year for fan art of this incident. He didn't disappoint. There's Swanlestia. Why can't there be a PeLuna?

Next time I forget what birds do what, it'll be Cadance as a seagull πŸ‘πŸ»

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Yeah, I'm hoping that Foamy brings like Esper control or mono black or I'm completely out of my element.

Oloro and Anowon have you covered.

4629467 I understood about half of those words.

One deck uses white, blue, and black and is more reactive than proactive, focused on surviving until it can win in a single turn. (That actually makes it combo rather than control, but hopefully Yamgoth can adapt.)

The other uses only black cards and is lead by a character best described as vampire Indiana Jones.

Gonti is love, Gonti is life

Never played magic games before, but I'll give it a shot! Oy, I feel you on the pre-con anxiety, I'm feeling it heavy this year.

Ha jeez you would be the one to think of pelican Luna :trollestia: I still remember the fantastically insane things you came with for the story card game last year.

Can't wait to hang out ^.^

Would you like to write a shipfic with Admiral Biscuit and myself and possibly others?

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