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    So there's a cute new pony game in development...

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    I decided to make a "ponysona" in PonyTown today.

    I was forced to take some... liberties. There weren't really any shorter mane choices, and the closest I could get to hazel eyes was an ugly greenish-brown.

    But he's still cuter than I've ever been, so there's that.


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So there's a cute new pony game in development... · 6:53pm Aug 6th, 2017

... called Mane Quest.

In anticipation of the game, the developers released a pony designer app so people can go ahead and design their characters. It's on the Android store and on their website (for non-Android users).

So I was playing around with the app and made the Mane Six, Lyra, Sunset Shimmer, and an OC of mine (I made Starlight Glimmer and Cheerilee too, but I'm not happy enough with how they turned out to post them). The design options are somewhat limited, so some of the ponies look a little off.

The last one is my OC, who happens to be the eponym of my profile name. I should have made her a bolder yellow, but oh well.

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Sweet! I will download that game for my phone!

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