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Previously fluffysam1212. Updated to match other socials because I tend to come back on to reread things. Will I ever fully come back? Who knows. Certainly not me. they/them/xey/xem/it/its

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  • 52 weeks
    hey gaymers

    you'll never guess who ended up moving out of their parent's house, breaking up w both of xeir partners, came out as fully aro ace, got a credit card, and is on its way to a phone number and job in the barely over a year since they last said anything [fingerguns]

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  • 105 weeks
    lol hi

    y'all who still watch for me to update stuff are nerds
    it's kinda sweet tho :heart:

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  • 211 weeks
    kinda follow up (katie love i'm so sorry i'm not in bed yet-) to last blog

    i've spent literal hours looking for the drama in my blog posts and looking at it and reading it?

    oh i was definitely jealous but not in the way they thought i was dndsjk
    babey gay didn't realize they were crushing hard on their best friend

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  • 211 weeks
    you ever miss old friends

    even ones you're not friends w anymore?

    hate that feeling

    there's also another friend but like
    idek if we're still actually friends we barely talk and i was going through her old blog posts and found our old drama and that shit hurted
    and it kinda
    makes me wonder whether we were friends again in the first place

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  • 213 weeks

    i was supposed to come back for nigh 24 hours for my birthday lmao

    And Then I Didn't Do That

    happy pride month tho

    i can't believe i got so bored i remembered i was supposed to be on over a month ago jkskjdasj

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insert panic attack here · 5:01pm Aug 5th, 2017


*also screm* EMPRESS??!

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