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Kind of Brony

Well, I'm not much of a brony as I don't like the show, but I greatly respect the fans and their work. I often wish the fanbase of some other franchises were as talented and ambitious as the bronies.

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A Very Slight Problem · 11:40am Aug 3rd, 2017

Okay, I doubt a lot of you will actually end up reading this, but those curious enough to seek out answers, there is a reason why I haven't updated Gilded Sister in a while, and it's... kinda dumb.
See, I had a short stint of depression last month, the kind of weariness of life that comes on and leaves you questioning your reasons for getting out of bed in the morning, and near the end, I started drinking. Nothing bad happened, and I'm feeling better now, but while drunkenly surfing the internet, I started looking for mlp stories in unlikely places, and ended up on pastebin. This, of course, led me to the source of pastebin fanfics, 4chan.
Yeah, not my proudest moment, but while browsing the mlp section, I stumbled upon this OC that I just connected with at the time, the NEETpony, Floor Bored, and I, uh, ended up starting a green, AiE story for her... Even though I often bash on AiE's...
Yay, hypocrisy...
Well, ever since then, I've felt obligated to continue the story for the few readers enjoying it because I don't want to let the thread die on them and no one else is writing for poor Floor Bored. This, in turn, is cutting into my Gilded Sister time, so I've only just started the next chapter on that even though I've had the energy to write now for about a week.
Hopefully, the thread will reach max comments and the whole thing will be archived so I will no longer have to worry about the story being lost, then I can return to Fimfiction and later finish the green at my leisure.
If anyone is curious about the thread and story, you can find it here, I'm posting as SadAnonymous:
Be aware however, that this is 4chan, and as such, quite vulgar. Also, in keeping with the spirit of the genre, this story is a lot more risque than anything I've written here, nothing compared to what the native 4channers write, but there are sexual themes.
Thanks for your patience and understanding if you give it, and sorry I let this happen
It was a moment of weakness.

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Good job I'm not caught up on this story in the first place :raritywink: Anyway I checked out that greentext and after reading the first couple entries I'm more into it than I thought I would be so gg on that :twilightsmile:

Well, that was an interesting read.

You know you can post M-rated stuff on heeeerrrreee... :twilightsheepish:

Any chance that story could end up on here.

Cancer in equestria. My greatest pet peeve....fucking Anon

I say you're free to do what you want so take your time my friend.

I use chocolate to fuel my creativity, try that...

It's alright. Mistakes are often made while drunk. :twilightsmile:
It's a good thing I'm not checking up that often on FiM.

Good luck with your obligations.

I don't know how much I know of depression myself, but I can understand something like that, not sure if it's similar but a long time I always felt a bit bad at night or when winter came. I think I heard a term that was called "winter depression".

Be aware however, that this is 4chan, and as such, quite vulgar. Also, in keeping with the spirit of the genre, this story is a lot more risque than anything I've written here, nothing compared to what the native 4channers write, but there are sexual themes.

I have just seen a wall of comments, not the character you were talking about, I was at least curious about why this was so interessting to you. Is is about some sexual character?
I'm maybe a bit picky about my romance/sex stories and clearly prefer a certain direction, I really wanted to see what this was about.

Well as far as I understood it, you just want to see how many still want to see your Gildet sister story right? I want to read more about it and honestly I don't really have the time to start reading at another side, which is why I stay here and hope you feel good enough for an update soon.

Of course I hope that some of my suggestions maybe even about her character are going to be true but that is your choice. I just hope that if you make her get a special somepony it is either one of the well known ponies or you introduce one well enough, I just hope for something romantic there. Maybe this could be finally a storie where the main char is more uhhh "cool" and the one interessted in Pureblood is actually much more shy than her about it.

I mean usually it is "main char = blushing wimp" X "some character that has absolutely no problem with it or already knows much more than him about that matter.

This time I hope for "main char = being more calm about it" X "special somepony being nervous in a cute way".

edit: I took another quick look and noticed that the wall of comments was the story. From what I have read it looked quite nice, from your comment I somehow expected something focused on sex. While I wouldn't have minded that, I was kind of nicely suprised how simple and cute/funny it was, well maybe cute goes to far but something in that direction.

edit2: What is that "Neet" thing that is mentioned here and in that story?.

Yeah, not my proudest moment

What's the matter with 4chan? I check up on /mlp/ all the time and it's usually great.

The A stands for Anonymous, a character used instead of an OC. At times, Anonymous is used as a self-insert. More often than not, however, it's used as a blank slate to create a fresh personality instead of relying on a pre-existing character whose traits you have to adhere to.

Eh, some of the generals are pleasant places to write, but some scream and moan if you aren't up to their expectations. The AiE threads had gotten really bad about that a couple years back.

I'm glad that you've gotten past that stint. I know how that feels, and it's not very pleasant most days. As for not updating Gilded Sister, we'll still be here. Those who truly enjoy the story will be patient. Enjoy writing :twilightsmile:

A NEET is a young person who is "Not in Education, Employment, or Training." The acronym was first used in the United Kingdoms, but its use has spread to other countries and regions since then.
This post wasn't to see how many people still wanted to see my story continue, It's my most popular one, after all, it's just that I know a lot of people separate the author from the story on here, so blog posts are pretty much only read by readers who are actually following the author as well as the works they put out.
For this reason, I doubt a lot of the people reading Gilded Sister are actually looking at my posts unrelated to it.
Greens aren't allowed, so if I transferred it onto a proper story page here, I'd have to edit the formatting. Who knows, I might do that at some point, it'll give me a chance to make corrections, at least since 4chan doesn't allow you to, but even if I don't I thought about maybe putting it in a blog of it's own. We'll see.

Hi Kind of Brony, I found you post by way of the news feed. I hope you're doing better and glad to hear you've pulled through. I too have gotten lost in the land of greens and can understand how a thread and it's OC can just grab you. I've read the first 3 posts and it's not bad. I understand you might not put it here but will you be putting it in a pastebin?

If your enjoying writing something shouldn't that be all the reason you need to continue doing so?

I have to admit I follow to much and get to many notes to see every blog post from every guy. That and I kind of only answer to stuff I really have an opinion on.

This. 100% agree.

And we'll wait. gilded sister is an amazing story.

for one i am happy that you have such a dedication for a story that started as a drunken story request on a 4chan, it really shows how much you care about your stories and those how read them, it more than anything reassure me that you will finish this story, thank you for being such a nice person.

Dedication to a story in general is great. The fact you're trying to work on it is fine with me TBH.

I recomend pasting your bin since the tread will disapear sometime so people later on might not find it. That or see if someplace has it stored and link that too.

Some places are reeeeeing as soon you go with something out of the tread and that i understand. For example a batpony/nightmare moon story in revesed gender roles in equestria that happened reasntly got both hate and love since 1 its a story 2 it has rgre but its not there to be a factorotherthan 1%

Funny you mention RGRE; that's the one I was thinking about when I wrote that post. Been meaning to write something for it, but damned if I can't muster up the motivation to do so.

Your story about that NEET pony named Floor Bored was locked and archived. Though I guess you know that. I was into that story. Is the ride over or do ya plan to make it on Fimfiction like you mentioned thinking about doing?

truely a good read. I would like to know how it continiues. :twilightsheepish: (don't judge me I'm a sucker for well written stuff)
so I would like it if you would post the rest here on Fimfiction

To be fair write whatever muse strikes you. I thank you grealty for giving floor a life and story. She is so far one of my favorite oc.

Also sorry for clogging your thread by
It please keep writing floor. I cannot remember how long ago its been since I've cared for a character like this and even longer since ive seen anything of real quality in /mlp/ or the chans in general for pone.

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