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STUFF AND THINGS · 2:56am Jul 31st, 2017

Oh, hello.

I guess I can say hello to the couple of followers I've picked up since my RCL feature. Or at least remind the rest of you that I got a RCL feature? As, once again, I am BEST AT PONIES.

Or, well, decent at ponies-- didn't place in Jake the Army Guy's Obscure Shipping contest, but given the quality of the winners, I'm totally fine with that. And again, the contest got me working on the Flash Sentry Papers again, so that's a plus?

Speaking of which, I'm chipping away at Sentry at the Charge with ... slow progress. I mean, I know the general direction I want the story to go in, but I'm just reaching a bit of a snag in getting there. I think the real problem is the fact that I've got to sit Flash Sentry and Carrot Top down where they actually have to talk to each other without anything horrible happening to them. What the hell, right?

And so, in lieu of story updates, I figured I'd just goob about some stuff that ISN'T pony related. What the hell, right?

First off, how about some KUNG FU LESBIANS?

So yeah. I jumped on the good ship Korrasami some years ago-- even wrote a fanfic about it, way back when. The whole metatextual 'crackship to fanon to canon' evolution was absolutely fascinating to me. Plus, y'know, the Designated Male Love Interest Guy was dull as dishwater. And now, with the show all wrapped up, they've finally released a comic continuation of Korra's story.

(Sidenote: I vaguely wonder if the same shipping goggles that made me spot Korrasami as canon can be applied to Rarijack? Just saying, guys).

Honestly, Turf Wars reads like an episode of the show, just, y'know, suuuuuper gay. Which, I imagine, is the point. The funny thing is, after all these years of fanfics/comics/stupid memes, it's almost ... I dunno, anticlimactic? In that the comic reads (unsurprisingly) more for the target audience than anything. Which is fine! I really hope some young queer kids get to read the comic and get stuff out of it. Representation is important! (So says the markedly average white dude).

Turf Wars also gets props for introducing a cool new villain-- dude might not have the most personality just yet, but he turns into a mutant snakeman by the end of it, which my inner GI Joe fan can't help but enjoy. I'm looking forward to where the comic goes in the future, though I'm just slightly bummed I gotta wait a couple months for the next volume. Rassumfrassum.

BUT. Until then, I've got other distractions! Distractions like GIANT INSECTS.

Okay, sure, the game's three years old, but I just snagged Earth Defense Force 2025 a few weeks ago, and it's been living in my PS3 ever since.

Video games offer opportunities for immersive, interactive storytelling that other media like movies or novels just can't match. Thanks to advances in both technology and in critique, video games are ever so slowly exploring their artistic potential.

Earth Defense Force 2025 is not one of those games. I mean ... technically, there's a plot? There are some disembodied voices that chatter at you over the radio, going on about the invasion of "Giant Insects." (Seriously, take a shot every time you hear the term). The plot has all the nuance of a Gamera movie, which makes it awesome.

Because, at the end of the day, Earth Defense Force 2025 is about exploding waves upon waves of giant insects and killer robots. It makes no pretense at being anything other than a video game, and is all the better for it. Plus, the game has something like over 80(!) levels to blast one's way through. I get the impression that there's only a handful of maps ... and yet, by just adding different enemies & scenarios each time, the game gets a ton of mileage out of it. Add in varying difficulty levels, plus four character classes (shooty army man, guy who can have tanks airdropped in, mecha suit, and jetpack girl with laser pigtails), and you get a lot of replayability. And, it's got multiplayer!

So yeah. That's my current videogamey distraction-- just writing this blog post makes me want to go blast giant spiders with a shotgun-crossbow that shoots lightning.

It's that kind of game, folks. It's rad.

Almost makes me want to trot out Gargantulon in another story, but I almost feel like Gargantulon is funniest when he's just mentioned in passing. HMMM.

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EDF! EDF! I'm so bummed I can't play the newest Earth Defense Force. I put far too many hours into EDF 2017 years ago. Gigantic swarms of bugs and ridiculously overpowered weapons for the win.


I think you should be able to snag EDF2025 for cheap on Steam, at least? Just depends on what kinda system you have access to.

Unless 'cheap' means less than two dollars, out of my current budget sadly. Among other things, the con next month has my money pretty much locked down.

Still, it's on the short list for purchase when I have non-assigned luxury monies once more!

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