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FINALLY GOT MY DEGREE!!! · 2:20am Jul 31st, 2017

Finally!! After two long years, countless hours of studying, many mistakes, splitting hairs worrying about everything, two absolutely shit-faced drunk nights, an ocean's worth of stupidity, idiots, trash talkers, posers, sluts, whores, liars, drug dealers, stupid staff, and other unbelievably stupid shit I have finally gotten my degree in Automotive Technology!

I'm really glad Job Corps gave me the opportunity to go to college and get a degree for zero, I repeat, Zero debt to my name. It was tough, I wanted to give up at times, but I made it through! I also want to thank my two best friends from Job Corps for helping make the ordeal of college and living with idiots bearable for two years. without those fuckers, I don't know if I would have ever stepped outside the dorm to socialize or make it through the two year degree without quitting. You two made things fucking awesome!

About the same time I actually started writing, I was only about a few weeks before leaving to go to Job Corps and college. So I want to take a moment and thank You Guys: my readers, commenters, supporters, friends, and yes even the critics for giving me some glimmer of happiness and hope from the outside world while trapped inside my cage. Reading your comments and watching everyone read my story has been a huge boost in my mood especially when I was going through tough times. Writing has been a wonderful outlet for me and has granted me opportunities to meet and talk with unique and positive people from the Brony Community and Fandom.

Where do I go from here? Well, I've already started working again back at the Dodge dealership that I interned at last year so I had no problem finding work (in fact, they were glad I was finally coming back!). Now that I have a steady source of income, I've been able to let loose and go wild (sort of) with my passion for riding motorcycles! I've already had two loooong group rides (we're talking 300+ mi trips long) and I've found the drive to start getting to the track as soon as I can once I have everything I need. But that's going to have to wait for a bit until I get other necessities out of the way first (like getting a car that's mechanically sound and such).

Writing is still one of my favorite passions and I really do want to get back to it. But work has been keeping me busy and I often come home too tired to do anything other then try to relax. Plus, I'm trying to find the drive to start writing again; the latest chapter for 'The Games We Are Forced to Play' has to go through a complete rewrite and there are a lot of points that need to be reworked into the chapter or newly create altogether. I'm thinking about doing some one-offs just to get my creative writing gears moving again, but I'm still having difficulties with that; I've got to be in the right mood with the right music to make it work, otherwise I'm just forcing myself to write and there's no fun in that.

Don't worry, I still plan on finishing my story no matter what; I refuse to let it become another story forever lost in the ever deepening pits of "Everlasting Hiatus/Incomplete status". I just want to make sure that I get into the right mood when I write otherwise my perfectionist side won't be satisfied with it; I want to make sure every line is written with passion, not necessity.

I think I've drone on long enough. Thanks for stopping by to see my accomplishment! Leave your congratulations in the comments, I will be sure to read and reply to all of them. And I promise I won't give up on my story!

Until then, I will see you all in the next chapter!

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Comments ( 2 )

Congratulations man.

Thanks, so glad I'm done with that part of my life

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