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I'm 40% jokes, 30% serious, and 20% romance. The Last 10%? You tell me.

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Little check in (Updates to a story) · 6:56am Jul 27th, 2017

Hello everyone! We've been having some nice turnarounds lately with polls and the sort, so why not keep it rolling? There's a fluffy one-shot coming out that should be pretty alright in my opinion; but that's new stuff. So many of you aren't here for the new stuff, right? It's the old stuff that gets your goat. So, time for a classic question:

What stories would you want to see updated/finished?

As I said, I'm trying to get back into my groove, so that would include getting back into my old works. So don't be shy, let me hear it.

Report Overlord-Flinx · 236 views · #poll
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Comments ( 11 )

Stories of yours I want to see finished:
"Are...Are These Magic Too?"
Ration Day: The Game of Truth
*Sunset Shimmer: The Quest for Steak!
The Royal Discordian-Swarm Wedding
*Shimmer, My Big Bad Sis

Stars by the ones I really wanna see continued.

Those two stars might need some re-tuning. Maybe. Though I have wanted to get back to them.

The Apple of Accord

What about the Royal Discordian Wedding?

I think that's reference from within KYM and treated like a big deal. I really would've liked to see how that went.

I'm actually planning on maybe retooling that story with an overhaul. I slacked off on it and a lot of new information happened since then; so I've been considering remaking it and getting it all done at once someday in preparation for the finale.

Oh yay!

And uh, which finale now?

Know Your Mare: The Movie.


I think it's in need of a proper explosion-y ending.

I have big plans. Very big plans.

I can't wait!

No, seriously, where is it?

As mentioned by others, the Royal Discordian-Swarm Wedding continuing would be nice. Hopefully with some picking on Thorax included if you choose to update the verse with the show.

Quest for Steak and My bit bad sis too.

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