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  • Sunday
    I'm still alive, but reading

    It has been a long while, and i've had many of you message me over the past year or so. I thank you for all your messages.

    I have gotten to the point of mostly healed after my surgery and am able to walk around and drive ECT with relative ease.

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    7 comments · 17 views
  • 86 weeks
    Real Life Update

    I've had some surgeries But I'm making it.

    15 comments · 220 views
  • 129 weeks
    Over 1000!

    Thank you everypony! Everyone that has enjoyed my story Equestrias Garden and the story has managed to obtain over 1000 likes! I never expected to see it too happen but it has! At the moment it has over 1001 likes! It was shocking to see honestly. And I have to say.

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  • 130 weeks

    :pinkiegasp: I am working on Chapter 10 of EG, Better known as Equestria's Garden. Don't expect it for at least a few days if not a little longer. :pinkiecrazy: Just wanted to tell everyone that I'm still managing to write. Don't forget to have your poking sticks handy though....

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  • 130 weeks
    Corrected, Some!

    First off YAY NEW CHAPTER FOR "EG"! A lot of you have already enjoyed it and I enjoyed writing it!

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New Chapter Love/Hate · 8:56pm Jul 26th, 2017

Just a warning, some of you will love it, some of you will hate it... I already laughed at it though... So I'm keeping it as it is....

Report PinkiePieFox · 259 views · Story: Equestria's Garden ·
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Comments ( 11 )

im just glad your writing again even tho i only followed you because i thought your icon was like toats adorbs but thats besides the point

lol, Well, Thank you! LOL! I'm glad you're here all the same! :pinkiehappy:

no problem you need to explain why shade is daves daughter tho im increadable curious about that


lol, Just to let you know. I've got most of chapter nine done.....

haza and you might want to change the status off haitus

haza i bow before the cuteness that is pinkie fox

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