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The name's Animatorsnake or short for Anim, welcome to my realm the Living World. I'm a writer and storyteller and I hope you enjoy my content of the world of Equestria & Anim's journey in Equestria.

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  • 2 weeks
    The 'Urge'

    Yeah the title appears ambiguous or either straight-forward - depends on one's perspective - but I've been focused on writing one story that I'm getting that feeling to write on other stories or write another new story(ies).

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  • 3 weeks
    2020 September News

    So Summer ended, but due to some personal choices and with the whole Covid situation, I am limited to what I can do - my only outside activities involve using a mask and staying away from areas that have more than 10 people and are crowded and not spacious - so I still have time to write stories.

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  • 5 weeks
    IANG News - Art Preview

    I mentioned in one my previous blogs, I believe this one --> Click, that I would create some chapter art for specific chapters while writing for the new chapters - and some character art alongside it - well this is preview of one of those chapter drawings.

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  • 5 weeks
    IANG News - Chapter 17 is HERE!

    The title says it all, CHAPTER 17 IS OUT AND PUBLISHED! READ IT!

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  • 7 weeks
    IMMA HAPPY & sad

    Happy - So because I was unable to use my PC for nearly two weeks - my phone also went through its own version of updating and changes - I never got the chance to read any new chapters, so I come back and see some new chapters to read.

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Dead Legends · 7:28am Jul 26th, 2017

I went through my collection of stories I faved, and in the process, found two dead stories... Ones that actually we really good and gave me inspiration. I made a new section called "Dead Stories" because of this reason.

While the reasons why people end up stopping something that gives joy and happiness to others may either be complicating or not, isn't for myself or others to judge. Sometimes I have these urges but I continue for my own reasons. My point is, that everything doesn't last, and we keep hold to what memories we have of these once great moments.

Maybe in another life these wonderful authors may continue their work but through different means... Maybe in the future I may unknowingly read one of their books... Who knows... who knows...

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