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Buy a shirt, dammit. · 4:45pm Jul 25th, 2017

Some of you may have noticed (if you're looking at certain pages on FimFiction) ads for wlpshirts.com .

That's me. Or, at least, that's a subdivision of my tiny little company.

I make a living, or try to, by selling things at conventions- about thirty events in a year. Unfortunately I've had a larger than normal number of money-losing events this year plus quite a few minor emergencies (replacing appliances, home repairs, data recovery services, auto repair, etc.). So, as I type this, my emergency savings fund is very nearly tapped out and I'm carrying a lot more credit card debt than I feel comfortable with, considering recent sales trends.

And then I noticed FimFiction started running Project Wonderful ads on pages that they couldn't put Google Ads on. I have a PW account for my web comics, so I made up a couple of ads and bid on space here.

No orders for shirts yet, but we'll see.

In the meantime, those of you who are following me, I'd appreciate it if you'd at least look at wlpshirts.com, ESPECIALLY the "New Designs" section near the top of the page. More than half of those haven't been printed yet, and some might never be without some sign of demand.

At the least, you can save me time and money by guiding me away from the stinker ideas I've had.

What I want to know:

(1) Do you buy geek/parody T-shirts at all?

(2) Which of the new designs would you be interested in buying, assuming you had the money?

(3) Which of the new designs are you definitely UNinterested in buying?

I'd love some orders (and thus income), but even without the orders the info is important.

Thanks- and BTW, I'm about 5,000 words into the next CSP chapter.

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You going to be at Bronycon?

4612362 Unfortunately, Bronycon is much too far for me; I'm based in southeastern Texas, and Baltimore is about 25 hours of driving each way. My limit is 18 hours or 1,000 miles under normal circumstances.

Right now I don't have any brony cons on my schedule. The only one within my range, Nightmare Nights, is the same weekend as a prior commitment, and last year when I applied I was rejected by the dealer den jury.

You make webcomics?

4612519 I write Peter is the Wolf at the moment.


You artist and writer?

isnt it dead?

4612593 Not dead: we have a new artist, who is paid through a Patreon specific to the comic.

(BTW, a reminder that, if you look at my profile, I also have a Patreon which could definitely use love.)

To answer your question:

1) I intend to buy the Defenestration shirt. I also like the D&D joke ones, and the tribble shirt (I might get my dad that one for Xmas.)
2) I personally am unlikely to buy any furry or pony shirts, only because I have to be somewhat discreet in what I wear to work. The Navy's not that accepting.

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