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R.I.P. Chester Bennington · 7:12pm Jul 20th, 2017

I'm devastated to hear that the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, has passed away today after committing suicide. :fluttercry:

What's even more shocking is that me and my brothers just saw him and Linkin Park live in Birmingham about two weeks ago. And it was my very first concert attendance ever as a late 21st birthday present. He looked fine then, but I guess the truly sad thing is that many people don't realise or see that someone is depressed or contemplating suicide until it's too late. With suicide, there are almost no warning signs. If you know someone suffering from depression or self harm, encourage them to seek help before it's too late for them.

Linkin Park nowadays is very divisive and understandably so, but they were one of the rock bands that got me into the genre in the first place. And for that, I'll be forever grateful for the songs Chester helped bring to life over the years.

Rest in peace, Chester Bennington. :ajsleepy:

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