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Wallowing in the pit of slow/nonexistant internet, waiting for the day fiber-optic internet kills Comcast once and for all...

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  • Sunday
    Screw it.

    Anything more complicated than freakin' Google.com either gives me a timeout error or takes several minutes to load.

    Screw you, comcast. I look forward to the day you go bankrupt.

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  • Sunday
    In which my internet seems to get even worse...

    Well, it's the weekend, and for some people, probably also the beginning of fall break.

    Do you know what that means?

    *Cue internet timeout errors 75% of the time I try to do anything*

    Also, remember how I said that players seemed to teleport every 5 or so seconds in Minecraft? Yeah, now it's every 15 seconds, and then I get kicked for lag.

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  • Saturday
    This is why I don't play Minecraft anymore.

    Or at least, servers.

    'Cause it's kinda impossible to play really anything when everyone around you is seemingly teleporting every five or so seconds.

    Screw you, Comcast.

    EDIT: One more thing: Hotel wifi is literally better than my own, and that's saying something. Not that I'm currently at one right now, just something that I remembered from over Summer Break.

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  • Friday
    Is it safe to say that I'm pretty sure that my generation is gonna be screwed over?


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  • Thursday
    Wow, look at my productivity!

    It'S SkYROcKEtINg thRoUGh THe RoOF!



    Obviously, I'm talking about how much homework I've been burning through in the past few hours. All I've done on Fimfiction today is check my feed and post this blog post.

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Daily Blog #26 · 4:42am July 17th

No random facts today. :P

Thoughts & Opinions~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was hoping that I’d be able to hang out with my friends for the first time all summer break, but it turns out that practically all of them are out-of-state doing things.

I’m incredibly bored, but hopefully my little order of computer parts should keep me busy once it arrives this coming week.

Ever get that creeping feeling of loneliness coupled with boredom during school breaks?

I’m sort of a social antisocial IRL. It gets a bit of coaxing to get me going, but once you do, I pretty much never stop.

My primary concern right now aside from getting my summer homework done is whether or not the AMD k6-233ANR is gonna draw too much power compared to the Pentium 166. I read a forum topic mentioning some guy who killed their mobo from frying the VRM after upgrading to a k6.

Shattered Rainbow is painfully hard to write, just because it’s probably got one of the most strict story plans/outlines I’ve ever used.

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