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Sometimes you lose yourself in your own narcissism. That's when you find out you might be the bad guy.

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  • Today
    Weekly Update

    Haven't written a lot for the new story- first scene is done so the hard part is finished.

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  • Sunday
    Starting Writing Tomorrow

    Took a few days off to decompress so I'm back and have a few projects to work on.

    Planning to get that Luna focused story off the ground. Hopefully, due to planned chapters being shorter due to comedy being quicker, I hope I get a few done.

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  • 1 week
    Chapter 20 part 7 out: Part 1 finished

    Done sooner than I expected, and barring some rewritten sections and having to reset my router- which almost made me lose my progress. I finished it. It could be longer, but I thought ending it for the moment on a decent nice moment felt better than extending it. Plus it was getting to the point that editing it was becoming a major hassle.

    So it is done. Part 1 of the story is done.

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  • 1 week
    Corona Week Two? A Week In Review

    Quarantine is well. Have no idea what day it is and my sleep schedule is both abundant and nonexistent at the same time.

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  • 1 week
    Week in Review

    9000 words into chapter.

    What does that entail now? Well. I introduced the science kid of Gallant. Had to tie in the extreme breeding program the gryphons are doing to make enough soildiers to some creature so I pulled out the character I needed and wanted to introduce since back then. So that means we have three different gryphons dealing with the war in about three different ways.

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Going to publish something in about five minutes · 8:40pm Jul 16th, 2017

It's something dumb and short.

Probably not all that funny. But it is an idea that I bounced off a helpful person a while back.

I decided why not.

Also helped that I planned for it to be a real short thing.

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