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Niche writing [Seizure warning] · 10:21pm Jul 15th, 2017

When no one will read the story you put so much hard work into because it's a combination of tags no one wants to touch:

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Depends on the person really. I've seen popular stories across all sorts of tags. The best way for your story to get attention is a good first impression (description and first paragraph) or positive reception from, say, reviews; although even the latter is uncertain.

I wouldn't worry too much about attention, though. Write to impress yourself above all else.

It depresses me not for likes, but for lack of comments. I like feedback of all sorts, so when a story I work hard on doesn't get the views and thus the feedback, I get a little irritated about it.

I can honestly say in my case it has nothing to do with the tags, I haven't read much of anything after having my bullet removed.

There's plenty of groups and users who offer review services. Just go to one of them and request your story.

Although I sympathize with your frustration over a lack of comments. That can indeed be disappointing.

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