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New Name Change and here's why! · 7:26pm Jul 13th, 2017

Hello there everypony! My has it been a long time since I have seen you all much less done a blog post!
It's nice to see all your loving faces and hating comments!
But anyhow as you might have noticed I just changed my name, why?
Well let me tell you
You see my previous pony name ideas never felt right, until this one, and there is a reason why.
Firstly, I like this name, secondly this name reflects my changing nature and personality since a moon waxes and wanes (fades in and out) and September is an unloved middle child month between August (the start of school) and October (a generally creepy and spooky month in pop culture for some strange mysterious reason).
Now then in other news what have I been up to? Simple, life, I graduated from high school and moved to California and my internet situatiin and transport system has only gotten worse and I still need to find a job.
But what about my writing?
Glad you asked.
No, I have not given up writing or audio narrations, and if you DO have one with me please remind me but in my spare time I will try to look through my messages to see who I have, and yes I am still on for any I have said, it's just hard to do without proper tech.
Also I was taking a break from writing doing other stuff because I did not feel the heat/flame or passion I once did since I had said many of my ideas and felt I didn't need to say anymore if no one was going to pay attention to me or like my stories.
But I am glad to announce that I am back and a new story will appear shortly only once I am done with it.
Also I will be taking time with my stories so don't expect me to rush things.
And as for editing old stories or finishing them up, that will happen, eventually, when I feel like it.
I don't know how busy my plate will be but please call me by my proper pony name (and spell it right,) like my stories, spread the word around and get ready for some more delicious or terrible trash or whatever you think of my stories (because my ideas are good, but the execution of them is very poor).
Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a good day!

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