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  • 408 weeks
    Doctor Whooves Project

    For anyone who has noticed an odd brown stallion in a blue box appearing in my "Background Pony" series and wondered what the idea was, wonder no more! I've been working on a Doctor Whooves Audio Series for quite a while, and now I'm casting for the first episode! If you are anyone you know feel they're qualified to play The Doctor or anyone else listed in the casting call, please send your

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  • 413 weeks

    A friend of mine might be editing my future stories (the first chapter of one is already done). He's reading through what I already have, and I decided to go through A Day in the Limelight again. And...wow. I really hate it. I want to edit the crap out of it, but would people be okay with that? Should I leave it as is?

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  • 512 weeks

    I have an editor now! Yay! He's reading through my previous stuff, and he'll be reading my first draft of Chapter 3 soon. AMAZING!

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  • 512 weeks
    Another Episode

    Yep, finally did another episode of the podcast. This week we had on the author of My Little Dashie. Twas fun. Here is is: http://geekoutcentral.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-brony-bookclub-episode-12-sad.html

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  • 513 weeks
    An odd shipping note

    A thought I was having, zero people who read this. First off, in the stories with female-female pony shipping, I don't really like it when they pull the whole Homophobia card. Now, I can occasionally tolerate it if the pony exposing it is a background pony, because they have no canon personality and therefore you're not trampling over anything. If I can be honest by personal head-canon of

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Wait a second · 7:42pm Oct 8th, 2012

This may surprise some people, but I'm kinda a ditz. And I forgot to do something kinda important: that sequel to A Day in the Limelight is out. In fact, it's on it's second chapter now. Yeah, uh, I should have probably done this the second it came out. Again, new to authorship. So, if you liked ADitL, check out The Zeppos here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/50052/The-Zeppos

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