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Big Surprise: Hiatus · 9:34pm Jul 11th, 2017

Well, I'm only on a hiatus from FIM Fic...

In real life, I'm completely rewriting Hail Mary into a standalone fiction novel. Crazy, huh? I'm about 8 chapters and 65,000 in after about two months. The original was written as a collaboration with Arby Works, and we had drawn out some new ideas before we started the rewrite, but recently we have gone through some creative differences, so I decided to strike out on my own for this project.

So very much has been changed in Hail Mary... but if I do ever get it published, you loyal few know exactly how it came to be. I've done some artwork for it too, that you can find on deviantart under my deviantID Ezrienel.

I do hope that I can return to PFTOG in the future, and maybe one day shift that into a standalone novel too, as I have previously done with Challenges of Sobriety in a Weekend of Confines. But... we shall see.

Just checking in with y'all to let you know that I'm not giving up on my Appledashery, but merely pursuing opportunities to perhaps make some money with all the time I flooded into writing my fics.

Until next chapter...


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Comment posted by Roughhouse deleted Jul 12th, 2017

It's really good to hear from you. Good luck on the rewrite, and I hope to read it one day.

Just my 2 cents about the ending of the original, since you're rewriting it and all... I feel like everyone, particularly Dash, probably shouldn't have been so quick to forgive Spike after he assaulted AJ and others. And we never really got into why Spike has dragon eyes and why he's so much stronger than everyone else, and without an explanation, it felt a little Mary-Sue-ish.

But what do I know? It's still one of the best fics out there. Hope the novel goes well. :twilightblush:

To respond to that, I'm completely changing the ending. Like, completely; if not the events of the entire story, too. As to why we had Spike's eyes in the first place? Well, you might enjoy this... it was Arby's idea to start, but we had designed a sequel where some of the characters had superpowers... Spike included. It was... good. We had a lot going on and a very good idea of what we wanted from it. I even drew pictures of the characters in their outfits and such... That fell through when we lost our time to write.
But, that's why it seemed so strange. Glad you caught on ;)

That's good news!
I had no idea you rewrote "challenges...", where can I find it?

nowhere yet, I'm looking for a publisher before I start sending it out.

Oh. Well, you have at least one reader on the faithful day!

Wow great to have you back! Looking forward to see what's coming:pinkiehappy:

Oh man. Congratulations on taking this huge step. Can't wait for the finished project. ;) you rock!

Where will I be able to find the new Hail Mary when you complete it if you know yet.


I do not know yet, I'll have to find a publisher first, which could take some time

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