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Stories about families, friends, the past, the present, the future, the science of magic and the magic of science.

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Two things to celebrate that have nothing to do with politics... · 3:43am Jul 9th, 2017

Hello dear friends,

I have two milestones to report:

1) I have finally resumed writing and publishing new chapters of A Herd of my Own, a story that has lain incomplete for far too long, and

2) With chapter six of A herd of my Own, I now have over 502,237 published words in 27 stories on FIMfiction!

I started writing on FIMfiction to learn the craft of writing. I travel a lot in my work life, so doing formal writing courses was not an option, but I wanted to be part of a community of folks learning to write, and FIMfiction caught my attention. Five and a half years later, I have half a million published words, some of them for which I can even feel a degree of satisfaction! It's my hope that along the way I've made a few readers laugh, cry, curse, or best of all, think, and I cannot fully express how much the comments and advice I've received along the way have meant to me and how they've helped me in my quest.

I thank you all. I can't guarantee another half million words are in the plans, but I'd like to think I still have a few stories in me left to tell about the science of magic, the magic of science, and the value of friendship, before moving on to other things.



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Comments ( 2 )

Well, the first five hundred thousand are the hardest!

Woo-hoo! :pinkiehappy:

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