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State of the Author: July 2017 · 12:53am Jul 9th, 2017

So it's been a whole year since I updated Hand in Hoof. Quite a sobering thought, now that I put it in retrospect. I've really been that horrible of a procrastinator in the last six months.

I won't try and bullshit you. I'm a terrible liar and anyone who knows me personally can attest to that. I have been drilling away at it bit by bit, whenever I find myself with time and willpower. As I write to you now, it's nearing 15,000 words—a new record for me. I started work on the new chapter not long after the prior chapter went up. Inspiration was fleeting, however; I had a vague idea of where the story would be heading, but I couldn't quite finagle with the details until very recently. Honestly, that was probably the one thing that's been keeping me from writing, besides an unwillingness to set aside time when there were so many other things I needed to get done. Between work, catching up on my favorite programming, and getting my daily exercise in, it left little time to be productive—at least, when there are more attractive options to spend my time. But, I doubt the few of you who read these blogs care about all that.

With that in mind, allow me to get to the business end of things: The chapter is nearly finished. I only have perhaps one or two scenes to go, and I feel they'll be good ones. Then, it's off to the editor for proofreading and revision. While I already gave you hints prior, I'll simply say that much of this chapter's focus will be interpersonal. I haven't the faintest idea why, but I felt the need to do more talky scenes of late. While I had, at one point, enjoyed Shakespeare's maxim regarding brevity, I feel that these long gaps in updates can only be atoned for with substantial content drops. Thus, I'd like to end this post with two questions:

  1. Do you (as in, those who are reading Hand in Hoof, but this can apply to those who read any of my works) prefer me writing longer chapters if it means there's more that happens in each chapter or shorter chapters that move the story along and don't take as long to come out?
  2. What would you like to see in terms of potential side stories once the main story is concluded? I've been mulling the idea of doing a sort of expanded works thing with HiH for a while, and I have a couple of concepts kicking around that would make for interesting writing.

I'm sorry it's taking so long, guys. Honest and for truly, I am a man whose sense of time is nine kinds of fucked. I can only be thankful that my readers are a kind and patient bunch. I just wish you all weren't so damn quiet.

I have a Discord! Message me at AdamThePony#8752 and feel free to motivate me to write more.

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