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Miraculous Ladybug/Detective Conan: "A Little Chat" Chapter 3 Posted · 1:14am Jul 8th, 2017

Been way over a year since I updated this one.



EDIT: SO absolutely nobody but me gives a shit about this, right?

Fine then.


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Comments ( 7 )

Sorry for not replying sooner. You have some cool Ladybug fics.

It's something I check out from time to time.

Thanks :)

It was up 3 hours without a single review on FF.net or comment here. That...doesn't generally happen to me. I mean, I know (a) convention happening, (b) Spider-Man Homecoming opening weekend, but...still...:unsuresweetie:

Yeah yeah, whining about not getting comments/reviews on my latest posting within a few hours when it takes days for some writers. I know, drama queen and all. Meh...


I know it's probably comparing apples to chillis but I've put stories up on FF.net and not heard a peep about them until years later

To make matters worse, it's stuff that not only am I embarrassed by the quality of the writing, but also the content thereof. I only keep it up because even if I don't like it, other people do and I really don't like it when writers take down their stories because they think that it's shit.

(It's a "Naruto gets stuck in sexy jutsu form and everyone rushes to try and get Naruto to act like a girl" fic. Were I to write it now, Naruto would probably point out that he was raised as a boy for all of his life and he thinks of himself as a boy and no amount of kunoichi training would be able to fix that. There's also the fact that I knew nothing about how to get formatting to work on that site, as well as other fanfiction atrocities, like authors notes in the middle of the story)

I've read through the chapter. I do enjoy your take on the "Detective Conan" plot.

You're definitely not the only one who likes this. :)

Keep the Ladybug stories coming, whenever you can! :twilightsmile:

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