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Spirit Shift

Just a wandering brony/whoovian/gamer/otaku/writer/artist who likes to flail at keyboards for fun... I have a lot of hobbies. Be sure to leave a comment, I friggin love those! Skype: spiritshift96

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    Resuming Story Updates

    So, I still live... that's nice to know. And I come here often enough, haven't abandoned ship yet. So i'm trying to make good on a promise to myself and try to continue these stories I kinda left on the ropes. So I'm gonna try my best to get back into writing on my free time, which is mostly at school ironically. So here's the plan!

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    Triple Threat Problems(spoilers)

    So let me start off with saying that I liked this episode. I loved seeing all three of them again, Spike (who may I point out really hasn't been seen at all since episode 4) Ember and Thorax. But with that in mind I have a pretty big issue with one part of the episode. Spike getting called by the map. I've been around and I've seen various reactions ranging from "Oh so the map is calling

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    Story Update

    Man... wouldn't it be awesome if I updated all of my major stories at once...

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    So... Spike...

    Anyone think it's kind of interesting how Spike is now pretty much best friends with

    The Queen of the Dragons
    The New King of the Changelings
    All 4 Princesses
    and is the GM to Discords new favorite part time activity.
    And he's the two time hero of the Crystal Empire and heralded as the one who believed changelings could change.

    I think Spike's being set up for something special...

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Story Update · 11:44pm Jul 7th, 2017

Man... wouldn't it be awesome if I updated all of my major stories at once...

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Comments ( 5 )

that would be pretty awesome:raritystarry:

I'd be cool with just one update, to be honest. :ajsmug:

4595207 Too bad you get them all, now read all of them!

I haff nu tiiiiiiiiiiiime. :ajsleepy:

Kind of cool to see familiar users still active in the community

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