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Alien Races: Ultras and Zone Family · 1:30pm Jul 7th, 2017

Species: Luxgiant nobilis (Noble Giants of Light)
Other Names: Residents of the Land of Light, M78 Inhabitants
Appearance: Size changing humanoids ranging from 2-90 meters tall. Face and upper body covered in a metallic skin that can resemble hair or a myriad of helmet types, with lens like eyes that typically are oval shaped and glow yellow. The rest of the body is a single blue or red sheen that is devoid of genitalia or other external features. Body otherwise is extremely human-like with two arms, two legs, and five digits on each. Some individuals also have yellow stripes on certain body parts. No functional mouth, they speak telepathically; though the shape of one may remain on their facial plate. Each ultra also bears a colored gem, typically on the sternum, the glow of which indicates health with blue, yellow, or white being healthy; and red meaning low on energy or heavily wounded.
Government: A council of both elected and experienced individuals that form the Garrison (Military) and S.I.C. (Science, Medical, and Information). The Ultra King, despite his title, is more seen as a symbolic leader and granter of wisdom to the race; functioning as an adviser to the Garrison and S.I.C. given his enormous wealth of experience as both the race’s mightiest warrior and a leading scientist with hundreds of thousands of years worth of experience in both.

Ultra were once a race very similar to Terrans and Xilians, until a time came when their planet and sun were doomed to die with no time for escape. Their most brilliant minds, lead by the future Ultra King and first Zone Fighter, created an artificial star called the Plasma Spark. The spark, now the core of their crystalline planet, saved their world and had the unforeseen side effect of drastically changing their biology. Ultras could best be described as beings of living “hard light”. They still have a skeleton and some equivalent to organs, but now their circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, and other bodily systems are replaced with rivers of light coursing through their bodies. This both means they lack the need for eating, drinking, or breathing along with other fantastic benefits. They grew gigantic and gained strength that scaled with their enlarged planet’s high gravity. While they possess the ability to shrink, an ultra’s natural form is anywhere between 70 and 90 meters tall, with some individuals being even taller.

Common traits of the race include flight (450 MPH for your average joe and over Mach 4 in atmosphere for trained individuals), massive physical strength, resistance to injury, energy manipulation; and telepathy. All ultra are capable of firing energy blasts, but the strength of which scales with their training, soldiers being far stronger than normal. The most common attack is the “Spectrum Beam”, performed by charging energy in the forearms and then forming a cross in front of their chest to fire it. Ultra can also temporarily shrink down, even demonstrating a degree of shape shifting to hide. They can also bond their life force to that of another in dire emergencies to keep them alive. In terms of lifespan, ultra age extremely slowly though they aren’t immortal. The Ultra King is over 300,000 years old.

There are two ‘types’ of Ultra, red and blue. Red ultra have higher than average strength due to a natural steroid, physical applications to their energy use such as enhanced punches and kicks, and are more durable. Blue ultra have stronger energy manipulation for both ranged attacks and other benefits like healing auras. However these slants are not definite and with proper training, either type can pursue either path of use for their powers; it’s just their core type comes more naturally. Many of the most experienced ultra learn and use some techniques of both so it’s not unheard of to find a blue ultra who fights hand to hand with a powered up uppercut and a red ultra who fights at range and has a barrier ability. The coloration is also not sex selective, with males and females in either type of equal number. While ultra do carry some of their original race’s sexual dimorphism, with leaner females and more robust males; it’s less so than in humans as with some exception male ultra have a lean build. As such the differences between the two aren’t as significant and more distinguished by chest shape and vocal pitch. Female ultra head plating also tends to resemble hair whereas males often sport a head fin or short horns, but this isn’t a given.

Ultra typically work in teams of two or three, with combinations of blue and red being the most common.

All ultra absorb light for energy. On planets with a thick atmosphere, like Terra, they can only maintain their true form for a set amount of time before needing to fallback to recharge. Thinner atmosphere worlds or open space let them recharge quicker.

In terms of power, ultras vary greatly. Your average ultra with minor training is on par with an average Anteverese kaiju, but far outclassed by entities like Scunner, Slattern, and Knifehead. Untrained ultra are even weaker, but still quite powerful compared to more alien species. Some extremely powerful, much more experienced and older ultra can approach levels of Godzilla, Gigan, Mothra Lea, Anguirus, or Destroyah; especially when working in a team. In general the older an ultra is, the stronger they are. The strongest is the Ultra King, whom may or may not have tangled with Grand King Ghidorah in the past, albeit with back-up and it wasn't a definite win.

While the race is as a whole extremely benevolent, seeing it as their duty to use their gifted powers to protect other races from outsides forces, there was one that bore evil. His named was Belial. Trying to steal the Plasma Spark to take its great power and possibly lead his race in conquest, he was stopped by a younger Ultra King and the patriarch of the Zone Family, the father of Zone Fighter. The battle left him scared and mutated by his own evil. Beliel was sealed away to parts unknown. Since then a few ultra have followed his example, but a vast, vast majority of the species work as protectors and innovators. A core reason why Terra’s Final Wars wasn’t as extensive as it could have been was because the Coalition is actively in conflict with the Ultra race and didn’t want to draw their attention to Terra. The ultra have also been kept busy dealing with such monstrous forces as the Zetton aliens and their namesake monster, something that has killed ultra in the past, and the Garoga empire.

Zone Family
Species: Luxgiant nobilis amemiya (Amemiya’s Noble Giants of Light)
Other Names: Zone Fighter (II), Zone Angel, Zone “Junior” Fighter III
Appearance: Very similar to the Ultra, whom are their cousins. Zones tend to have more metallic colorings across the body, giving them the appearance of wearing gloves and boots with a chestplate. The ‘sleeves’ and ‘leggings’ are blue for Fighter II and III, and light red for Angel. Their indicator gem, while identical to the ultra in function, is star shaped and instead mounted on a striped part of the stomach/pelvis, giving it a belt-like appearance. They also all have a crest-like horn sticking out of their head plates.

Government: They are part of the same group as the related ultra, Zone Fighter and Angel in the garrison while Fighter III is training to be.

The three living members of the Zone Family are siblings, an adult brother and slightly younger sister, with a much younger second brother in his early teenage years.

Of the same original species as the ultra, the Zone Family was part of a last ditch exploration ship trying to hurry back to their home world when the Plasma Spark was activated. Knowing they wouldn’t make it, the family’s original patriarch, a genius colleage of the future Ultra King, corresponded with his friend and constructed a large reflector and special suits for himself and his three children; two sons and a daughter. The reflector captured the initial burst of energy the Plasma Spark put out and gave them a near identical, though slightly different mutation.

Rejoining the rest of their kind, the family became part of the new order. The original Zone Fighter was a key founder to the garrison and fought alongside the Ultra King for years. In one climactic battle, the two found their greatest challenge and unfortunately the Ultra King’s best friend gave his life to save him. Since then the King has kept a close eye on his “niece and nephews” in honor of his fallen comrade.

In terms of abilities the Zone Family are very similar to the other ultra, though with some key differences. For one while Angel also has barrier and healing powers like some Blue Ultra, she nor her brothers can form the Spectrum Beam. Instead they have the unique “meteor missiles”, which, when they throw their arms forward, they quickly construct a ring of barrels around their wrists made of hard light that fire barrages of both hard light and plasma like a Gatling gun.

- Ultras are often called “Ultraman” or “Ultrawoman/Ultralady” by the races who’ve seen them, though this is more of a descriptor than their actual name. Ultraman Cosmos for instance is named “Cosmos”.
- Monster X and Gigan have both fought ultra before, both defeating some as well as being forced back by a group of four lead by Zone Fighter that consisted of well trained and powerful ones.
- A one point over a century ago, Belial escaped and was pursued by a two Ultra team. Killing one, the battle with the other got dragged onto an Xilian colony world. The Xilians called in their Vanguard… (future installment on Tales of the Amalgam’verse!: Monster X vs. Belial)

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Comments ( 14 )

I just have one thing to say: Zenith Yeah!!!!

I've got to say, your fic is continuing to surprise me as there are more spin offs coming. Are you sure you're not making the first ever Fanfic Universe or should I say Bridgeverse.

Huh, rather interesting idea with the ultras. Though there is some stuff I dont like about them, but they are small dislikes. I am however, hyped for the battle between Monster X and Belial. That fight is going to be as awesome as chapter 37!


" - Monster X and Gigan have both fought ultra before, both defeating some as well as being forced back by a group of four lead by Zone Fighter that consisted of well trained and powerful ones. "

I take it that's a reference to how the Showa Gigan was actually slain by Zone Fighter?
" - A one point over a century ago, Belial escaped and was pursued by a two Ultra team. Killing one, the battle with the other got dragged onto an Xilian colony world. The Xilians called in their Vanguard… (future installment on Tales of the Amalgam’verse!: Monster X vs. Belial) "

I am SO looking forward to that.

Cool. I've seen a few episodes of the original Ultraman, but I haven't seen anything of Zone Fighter.

Oh man, is Ultraman making an appearance now?! Sweet...

Since you mentioned Belial, what of Ultraman Noa? Is he still a force that exists?

Ultraman is my childhood

Also, Monster X vs Belial? You mean THIS Belial?
I'm curious for what you have for us in the future, Tarb

I'm surprised you didn't mention the idea of a Zone Fighter facing off against Ghidorah 1v1?

Though i see you still played with it by mentioning the Ultra King having thrown down with the King of Terror.

What was their greatest challenge?

Actually I did. If you out the passage together it reveals the Ultra King and original Zone Fighter (father of the current one) fought Grand King Ghidorah in a 2v1. But as this Ghidorah is far stronger than the show version, Zone Fighter committed a noble sacrifice to save his friend and drive Ghidorah off.

Yep, that Belial right after he escaped imprisonment by the King.

I thought they'd have a better chance given they were facing a younger Ghidorah and therefore a weaker version, but then again RoM3 demonstrated that even at a young age, Ghidorah was already on par with Lea and by extension Junior...

@Tarbtano I imagine you will be watching the upcoming show, Ultraman Geed which is about the SON of Belial? :P

the Garoga empire.

The Garogas? With this mention raises a certain, particular question...

Really nice info on the Ultras and Zone family. I figured someone would think of them as cousins. Also, I like your descriptions for them; I always have trouble describing them.

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