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My Top Nine Gobot Characters · 12:22am Jul 6th, 2017

I was going to do a review for Independence Day, which I'm so sorry I kept you all waiting for, but I'm just not motivated enough to write it today. I'm so sorry guys. I promise I'll get it reviewed.

This is all I can really think about right now, so I'm just gonna do this today.

Second thing is, I'm probably going to be hated for this but I HATE BORDERLANDS 2. It keeps flipping me the bird every time I die, and it keeps harassing me about getting material so I don't die again. Well guess what game!? I want to get more stuff, but you keep stealing my freaking money! So how can I not die so much if you keep stealing my *BLEEP* cash!? :flutterrage:

Third, my dog is freaking hilarious when he's outside rolling around in the grass. It always cracks me up whenever he keeps on rolling around in it. :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

Now that that part is done, lets move on to the actual list.

You guys probably know I am a fan of Challenge of the Gobots, the Hannah Barberra spin-off to Transformers. But I understand not everyone likes it, which is totally okay. Not everyone has to like the same things. I'm not saying I'm an all out fan of the show, I admit it has its flaws. Which is why I try to find the best episodes and the most positives of each episode that I watch. Which is hard depending on some of the episodes.

Which is why today, I'm giving you my pick of my top ten favorite Gobot characters from the show. And just as a warning, this list has some poor explanation for some of these, so try to bear with me if you can. I've tried getting as much info that I can from the limited episodes I have in my position. Which is why we're going to go down through my top 9 Gobot characters. Why top 9? Well... truth be told I'm feeling a little lazy right now, and I can't think of ten, so... lets just roll with it. So, lets begin the top 9 Gobot characters! ...Why do I suddenly want Gobot toys now and why can't we get new versions of them today? If we can get platinum editions of some of the Transformers toys as their original toys, why can't we get new Gobots?

Number 9

Flip Top (the blue helicopter)

Now I know it seems bad this guy is at the bottom of the list, and... no really, I got nothing for that. To me, there's a few reasons I like Flip Top. One, is his design. He actually looks pretty decent for a character, and he has a nice voice too. But for me, there's two big reasons he's on here. One, he tangles with one of the leading villains in an episode, and plus, he's a freaking helicopter. And not only that, the toy for this guy is amazing. It is incredibly detailed down to the last trim to a real life helicopter. And to be honest, while he only gets like 7 episodes in the whole series, I do wish we got to see more of him. He's a character worth lookign into, and he's a character worthy, of being on this list.

Number 8

Jeeper Creeper

Isn't that a weird name? But then again it makes sense with what he converts into. Which is a military jeep. I think this guy may have been an inspiration for Hound from G1 Transformers, but I don't know. Gobots did come before Transformers after all. The reason this guy is on number 9 is because, well, truth be told I like his design. Its not great, but you know its okay enough. Plus he has a very unique transformation into a jeep mode that makes it even more interesting. And I know in the Japanese series, Machine Robo, his character model is in that show, and he looks a billion times better in the Japanese cartoon. Maybe its the animation style, maybe its the fact that the animation company makes the characters look even better... or maybe its because I just like how this guy looks. Anyways, we're moving on!

Number 7


Evil has never looked nor converted into something so fancy.

... Yep that's all I got. Moving on!

Number 6


What is this woman's problem? She laughs like a freaking hyena over everything! Is she high? Did she smoke too much weed? What has this woman been taking to make her laugh about every single thing?

This lady is a madwoman. She laughs at everything. No seriously, she laughs at everything. She laughs whenever Cy-Kill has a brilliant idea, she laughs when an evil scheme is going underway, she laughs when she's nearly killed someone, EVERYTHING! What else does she laugh at?

Explosions? Bad movies? You think maybe if you showed her a singular Michael Bay film she just laugh at how stupid and cringeworthy they are?

But there's even more as to why she's on this list. Not only does she laugh at EVERYTHING but she just enjoys her job. I think she takes great pride and joy into giving the Guardians absolute hell. But not only that, I think her design alone is pretty nifty. Its not the greatest design, but for a Gobot, it works. Plus I have to give her credit for her alternate mode. That race car that she changes form into, is one of my favorite cars, period.

And she's another character who has a toy that I'm dying to have. Seriously Tonka, Hasbro, anyone, make new variants of these guys. I would love to have new editions of these Gobots.

She's a part of the main villain crew who enjoys destruction and laughs all the way, if you see her coming, get out of the way. You won't want to deal with her laughing, her love of destruction, or the earthquakes she causes by one singular stomp into the ground.

Number 5


She's here because one, female Gobot, two awesome toy, and three, she's pretty awesome in the series. From the few scenes of her that I've seen, its enough to get me to like her...

...Okay to be honest there's nothing much I can really say about her. Moving on.

Number 4


Why wasn't this guy in the top ranks? This guy is like Soundwave from Transformers, always loyal, following every command, and is the most trusted out of any of his troops. He has more brains than that idiot Coptor, plus Fitor's voice doesn't sound... grating. Just saying.

This guy is so loyal there's an entire episode where he gets captured and apparently he's in possession of some of the most secret information needed, and Cy-Kill sends the only two people he trusts the most to rescue him, and he doesn't want them to return unless Fitor is back with them in one piece. Uh, here's an idea Cy-Kill. If Fitor is that valuable to you, RESCUE HIM YOURSELF! If he's this important, than maybe you should--- Oh wait I forgot these guys are villains. My bad.

Fitor also is one of those Gobots who's face sticks out in vehicular mode. You know how characters like Hans-Cuff, Coptor, or even Cy-Kill who's alt modes have their faces revealed? He's one of those people. Which isn't too big of a deal if you like to nitpick on how they seem to be very accurate to the toys they're probably based off of.

But netherless, Fitor is a nice Renegade who deserved more credit and should have earned a place in the leading gang.

Number 3


Why was this guy never used again? No seriously, why? I want a reason for it. He appears in one episode, he rocks it, and never shows up again! And he doesn't even get a toy made out of him! Why? He's an awesome character, why the flying *BLEEP* doesn't this guy-- *water splashes on FourShadow's face* ... thank you disembodied hands.

Now, Steamer is on this list for a few reasons. For one, in his stand alone episode, Steamer's Defection, he was executed very nicely. He has a nice design, and from the little bits of his character that we see, he's a nice character. In the episode he stands alone in, he wants to defect to the Guardians because all the Renegades know is destruction and chaos, along with no regard for who gets hurt. Steamer on the other hand cares for who'll get hurt, and so that's why he walks out on Cy-Kill, goes on the run and tries to defect to the Guardians and stop Cy-Kill's scheme. This is one of my favorite kind of characters. Characters who realize they've been on the wrong side for so long, and they want to do the best they can to become better people. Kind of like Sunset Shimmer, as an example. Its disappointing this guy got one episode because, to be honest, there's so much more that they can do with him! Maybe have us see the struggles of trying to be part of the good guys but he has to deal with the harsh reality that not everyone is accepting and isn't really liking the idea of him being on their side after having been with the Renegades for so long. I think that could have been an episode on its own!

Another reason I like him is probably because he's a tough character. He stands well on his own, and he's nicely sympathetic without being particularly weak. He's not taken down so easily, and its pretty cool to see that even though there are times he's out-numbered, he doesn't stand down or gives up. But another reason has to be, what he converts into. A steamroller. How many Gobots or Transformers for that matter do you all know turn into steamrollers? That's something that this show does a pretty cool job with. With the characters, they all have very different body types and they all have unique transformations into the vehicles they pick, which is one of the strongest parts of this show in my opinion. Different bodies, bigger variety of vehicles, equals to interesting transformations. What more can I say about Steamer?

Number 2


Again... why the hell did we not get awesome writing teams to work on these episodes? Zero is probably one of the best characters in the entire show. Why? First, he's sick and tired of losing to the Guardians. It makes sense, I'm sure after a while in this war, there would be SOME Renegades who would be tired of losing all the time. Which is why this guy goes out on his own with his own team of Renegades so they can conquer both Guardians and Renegades to take all of Gobotron.

Not only that, this guy turns into a World War plane, and he beats Cy-Kill in combat. This guy proves himself to be pretty tough and he isn't going to let a bunch of failures stand in his way of victory. Unfortunately this is one of those shows where when it does something cool you want to keep seeing.... it pisses you off by never showing it again. Seriously!? The end of the episode makes it look like he's going to come back to swear revenge, but he never does! What a load!

But... even with what screentime he has, its amazing to see what he does on screen. Disappointed they couldn't do more with him, and it saddens me that we don't have as many well written Gobot characters like him. Lets hope he makes a comeback sometime soon in the nearby future.

Now I know what you're thinking. Who is on this list that can possibly top Zero, and Steamer? Well there's actually one more Gobot that tops them all. Are you ready? Lets begin.

Number 1

And the number one Gobot on this list is.... Smallfoot!

I'm pretty sure you all saw this coming. And by the way, no this isn't because she's the Gobot I use the most within the EGID series. And its not because I like the current pairing that I've set up in that series which will lead to some... interesting development between her and our favorite bipolar chick. I'm not weird!:twilightblush:

The reason I like her is because of her own character within the show. She's a young recruit, but she's not annoying like any of the new recruit stereotypes. She's tough, she's happy with work with the Guardians, and she's not one to give up. And in all honesty, she's the closest thing to a female lead. Why couldn't she be in the opening intro with the gang? She could have replaced Scooter to be honest, who is ANNOYING AS HELL. Plus, to be honest, it could have balanced out. If we can have Crasher, who's the main female villain in every episode, why can't we have Smallfoot be part of our leading cast who stays just as long with Leader-1 and the others. She's far more interesting and helpful!

And it upsets me more that she isn't used more, because she should be! She's one of the best characters on the show who makes it worth the view. Plus, not to mention and this is just me... she's kinda cute at times. Like, there are times where the faces change a bit with different shots, like the eyes looking different or even the head being shaped differently. Maybe I'm the only one noticing it, but Hannah Barberra's animation isn't always the best. But to the point, there are a few times where Smallfoot makes some expressions that, I'm sorry, just are kinda of cute to me.

Final thing I have to say is, her design and her vehicle mode are what top this character. I love the design of her character, and I love the truck she turns into. Makes me want a pickup truck of my own and just name it Smallfoot just for the heck of it.

And in all honesty, I really want a fresh toy of that figure. She's a character worth having as a toy and is worth it for merchandise. Lets hope we can get a brand new toy of her and some actual good-to-honest screentime with her sometime soon.

And that's my top ten list for my favorite Gobot characters, I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you all stay awesome! :twilightsmile:

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:rainbowlaugh: I was getting confused when I didn't see Smallfoot


Very nice.

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