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I write second-person sensual fiction featuring you and your favourite ponies. If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask, I'm always happy to answer questions!

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    Regarding "Student Counsel"

    DWK's gonna have a frickin' field day with this one, isn't he? :P

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  • 63 weeks
    MLP Episode 200 - My spoiler-free thoughts.

    Best episode. 'Nuff said.

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    Sonata Fic Updated

    We're getting very close to the best chapter, folks, very close indeed!

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    So. The news broke.


    I guess we had a good run, right?

    Personally, the saddest thing is we won't see Tempest Shadow again. I was kinda hoping she'd return for the next movie, unless they somehow squeeze her in for an episode.

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  • 72 weeks
    Sonata Fic: An Early Release!?

    To celerate Valentine's Day (or the last five minutes of it, according to my GMT Timezone) I thought I'd release the first few chapters of the Sonata Fic that I was working on, just to show that I'm still kicking, and to give those interested something to read post-Valentine's.

    More of it to come in the coming weeks!


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I'm not dead · 9:01pm Jul 4th, 2017

Report Crowley · 295 views · Story: Bark at the Moon · #not dead #monty python
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Comments ( 11 )

Good to hear.

I need some narrative!!

You'll be stone dead in a moment.

#3 · Jul 4th, 2017 · · ·

Oh king. An' how'd you get that, eh? By exploitin' the workers! By 'angin' on to our dated imperialist dogma that perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society.

Dan #4 · Jul 4th, 2017 · · ·

Lovely to see you. Deep Water is still my #1 favorite clopfic. Or maybe tied with https://www.fimfiction.net/story/163879/i-dream-of-luna.

Personally, I find Desire and Deep Water one of my best works. ;) Glad it's still got a soft spot for many readers after all this time.



0 to featurebox in 10 seconds flat

Been too busy as an occult figure or something? :trixieshiftright:


Can you maybe fix the illustrations on your old stories? Fugly photobucket ads have no place.

Damn, you're right!
I got some importing non-pony stuff to do today, but as soon as that's sorted I'll get right on that.

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