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  • 17 weeks
    I guess there is no point

    I guess there is no point for this blog, the show has ended and I have changed a lot as a person since I joined this fandom, I only really come on here to go into the forums of the unsafe space and maybe that’s just it now, one day I’m sure this site will fade away but the memories I had here will not and I regret nothing

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  • 71 weeks

    I only really come on here to post in forums, I don’t really read fan fiction anymore but I still enjoy this community,
    Thank you all for your time, but enough about me, when this site eventually goes away and we all know it will one day, I want you guys to know I will never forget the fun memories this site gave me,

    Have a great day or night, :)

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  • 118 weeks
    7 years

    I became a brony in 2011 and I joined this site May 7th 2012 and I’ve made friends, and I’ve lost friends but all that matters now is I have no regrets about anything and I now have an active career in commercial diving and have achieved my goal in life for that,

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  • 125 weeks
    I’m good now

    All fine

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  • 125 weeks
    Not feeling well

    Feeling suicidal

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Happy birthday to me:) · 6:26pm Jul 4th, 2017

Happy birthday to me, I had what to most pepole would be a shitty birthday, I'm currently 120 miles south off the coast of mobile Alabama aborad a SAT diving vessel that is preforming work on a platform (oil rig) and
To most not having anyone to spend it with would be shitty but honestly I had a slightly lax day at work, my 12 hour shift was pretty relaxing so I can say today was a good day in the Gulf of Mexico,

I turned 19 at 3 pm EST today
Happy 4th to every pony

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