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I am new to writing, I like to play games. The 'lives' we 'live' are short and abruptly end. And I intend to fill it with worthy things.

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  • 247 weeks
    Dream Writing


    ___This is a over detailed writing of the dream I had last month. This dream is about werewolves and as with dreams time and movements like to jerk around a bit. Scenes and Descriptions may or may not have occured within the dream. Enjoy!


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  • 247 weeks

    I'm skipping school to go have a Mental Health Day (Watching Infinity War).

    Plus I may have a light story about a Dream I had last month. Albeit the detailing is a bit fabricated apart when it comes to the jumbled mess that is a dream.

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  • 249 weeks
    National Walkout

    Well, we just had our school 17 Minute Walkout today at 10 AM. Wasn't really all that interesting and not a lot of people came. Was just there for the Turnout and Curiosity.

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  • 250 weeks
    Wooo! 50 Followers!

    This is a First for me, and I must say.. Thank you.

    Even though I haven't got a story up on this site - trust me - there's one in the works.
    I just need to get the first chapter finalized...

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  • 250 weeks
    School U.S. Government Speech

    This is a Speech i wrote myself for my US Government Class for a Group project that I think I'd like to share with ya'll.


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R.E. Update · 9:28pm Jun 30th, 2017

Today as news from my Sister that Joy has passed away.
She has fought bravely through her ordeal.
May her family find some sense of peace and clarity in this troubling and heartbreaking time.

Report Admiral_Gravleos · 200 views · #Joy #Loss
Comments ( 5 )

You're welcome. Remember, she will be always in your heart

that name sounds familiar, and if she was even half as loved as the person i am thinking of then she will surely be missed, my condolences

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