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"Fopoon is underused, but that Is understandable." -Unknown

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  • 67 weeks
    Night in games.

    Night in games is such a unique and wonderful experience, even in a horror game.

    You can go from having a nice walk to being paranoid about every sound because you heard a twig snap in your right ear.

    It is also interesting how our attitude about it changes. Would you walk through a forest at night as you would in games?

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  • 67 weeks

    Hey yoooo wass pop in, just noticed It passed Feb 15th. Way to keep with the times hu?

    But on that note! WOOOOOO!

    I am indeed still writing, it's just I started these stories with no ending fleshed or planned out. So I'm thinking about how I want these to go well writing. Wish me luck 🙏

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  • 74 weeks

    Here is to another year of Fimfiction! I hope 2022 brings plenty of joy to everyone on the site!

    What is yall making your yearly goal? Personal I want to get better at writing both on and off this site, and have my Meta Quest 2 setup for PCVR by next new years.

    Hope you all have a wonderful 2022!

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  • 89 weeks

    Almost hard to believe I've been here since 2017... it's been awhile ain't it.

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  • 100 weeks
    I havent made a Blog in forever

    Holy moly its been quite an extension of time since I made one of these, A LOT has happened with in the limit between this and the last post. I came to find I like studying Culture and how they react. Though I'd say it's more of a off hand every once in awhile thing for enjoyment rather than a straight up path for career.

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"Thy has been smitten upon by the crown left to rot in foul most deep, the life lived thy's time is up the can visit again once thy faces punishment for sins most deep for through the ashes You Shall RISE FOR EQUESTRIA!"

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