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I love ponies, bronies, and matrimonies! I'm an author, artist, and plushie-maker. I create stuff and I try to make it awesome. Relax. You're in good company. ❤ ~Since 2012~

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  • 118 weeks
    2020! Happy Hearth's Warming~!


    Hiya, y'all~!

    Hope everypony has had / having a wonderful Hearth's Warming and Christmas Day~! :yay:

    I just put up a new story for this (very troubled) year. Enjoy with hot cocoa or something. Take a moment and relax~ :raritywink:

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  • 170 weeks
    Happy Hearth's Warming!

    Perhaps a tad late but it's been a long day (of fun).

    Tearing myself away from binging the manga of Kase-san to write some more Wallflower/Sunset/SciTwi polysbian fluff. If I get any cavities it won't be from the holiday chocolate. :ajsmug:

    Also, holiday sirens~ :heart:

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  • 171 weeks
    Holiday Special Part 2

    View on Derpibooru - Original source

    It's live~! :heart:

    Now, I'm going back to these holiday cookies over here...:rainbowwild:

    Enjoy~!!! :raritywink: :duck:

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  • 172 weeks
    Happy holidays 2019, y'all~! <3

    View on Derpibooru - Original source

    Hope y'all are having a wonderful holiday season! :heart: :raritystarry:

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  • 198 weeks
    Sirens~!!!! <3

    It's not just my new siren story that's going LIVE right now. :heart:

    Everyone's favorite songfishes are BACK! :heart: :heart:
    [EDIT: In respect of fimfic policy, I removed the link. Those interested in seeing the music video should check out Equestria Daily for information.]

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Trailer is Out!!! <3 · 1:45am Jun 29th, 2017

Oh my gosh, it's finally officially here!

Trailer for the upcoming My Little Pony movie~! :heart:

I'm sooooooo nervouscited!!! :pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 2 )

I'm... uncertain of what I think about this. I just have so many questions. What's up with the cat? And the bipedal pirate griffin? And the fuzzy, two-legged Tirek? I do like the sea-pony design, though. (Though I'm struggling to figure out how sea-ponies could help them fight a villain in an airship.)

Hmmmm yeah, no clue. xD

Myabe find a relic underwater to help them defeat the villains? Or maybe force the airships down to the water? :raritystarry:

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